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Erkin Azad
13-07-06, 08:32
Salam Mr. President Ahmadinejad,

when I see TV news I am very sad about the conflict between Muslims and Israel. And very upset why do world closing their eyes and don't take any action against Israel. I condem all kind of killings regardless relagion or race.

I am an Uyghur from Uyghuristan which under the occupation by the People's Republic China, and we muslims in Uyghuristan living almost same repression those muslim brothers like in occupied Palastine. What Israel did in Palastine, so did and doing the Chinese government same in our country to muslims, and Israel's millitary action is broadcastet by different news media to the world, but unfortunately Chinese government never allow foreign news media work independently in Uyghuristan and not much news about Chinese killing Uyghur muslims come out to the world.

But strangewise you went to Kashghar to visit to show how friendly you are to the Chinese government, but we muslims in Uyghusitan not allowed to pray at Masjid and even our Imams at Masjid not allowed to explain Holly Korean in more details, if he will did, then Chinese government will label him as "Islamic terrorist, Separatist" etc.
I believe you knew our Suffering but I don't hear any voice from you like you are voicing now to Israelis. Why you like this? Are the Uyghurs killed by Chinese is different muslim than those in Middle East ?

I would be, as private person, very grateful if you could reply to me. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Erkin Azad

due to Chinese occupation I left my home country Uyghuristan and currently I have not found yet a suitable place and I am in a mobile situation . no fixed address. Therefore I can not provide you my postal address. Please you may put your reply on the "reply" section of your web site. Thanks.

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