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Professional Uyghur!
12-07-06, 03:23
Amerika we Kanada digen xiyaliy doletler. insanning hayatigha ajayip derjide ishenmigudek ishlarni, hadisilerni elip kilidu. likin bezide mushundaq heqiqetmu hem bolidu. tunugun we bugun televizor hem radiolarda, gezitlerde kop qetim xewerler berilgen bu hikaye,......... shunga bu informationmu bezilerge belkim bir paydiliq bop qalar digen umut bilen chaplap qoydum. asasi weqeliki, Kyle digen bir Kanadaliqning bir dane qeghez qisidighan qizil qisquchni bir yil ichide bir oyge aylandurghan hikayisi teswirlinidu.

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How One Red Paperclip was swapped for a House
On July 12, 2005, Kyle MacDonald (Montreal, Canada) started with one red paperclip and wanted to swap it and keep swapping until he had a house. 12 months later, July 12, 2006, he's done it! He was offered a house at 503 Main Street in Kipling (Saskatchewan, Canada)..

Why did he do it? Kyle says "Why not?", also "I pay rent but I'd like to own a house. I didn't have enough money for a house - but I did have one red paperclip."

How did he do it? It only took a blog and these 14 swaps:

One Red Paperclip
One Fish Pen
One Doorknob
One Stove
One Generator
One Beer Keg (with Neon Sign)
One Skiddoo
One Trip to Yahk
One Van
One Recording Contract
One Year Free Rent
One Afternoon with Alice Cooper
One KISS snow globe
One Movie Role
One House
We congratulate Kyle for his ingenuity and persistence in achieving his goal. We also thank Kyle for showing the world the power of swap.

Professional Uyghur!
12-07-06, 03:26
mana bu tijarettiki eng chong sermaye qizil qisquch.