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08-07-06, 20:49
Why did you delete my postings <The Dark Side> and <The Jesus Factor> from the message board? They were taken from PBS, ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS MEDIA IN THE COUNTRY. I posted them in the hope that they might help us have a better understanding about America and its foreign policy. I wonder why you keep some lousy language and out-dated information hanging there, while being so oversensitive about the public information that is open to all Americans and most parts of the world. Is there any rule or policy in your message board that says “No one is allowed to post anything negative about the US government”? If yes, please make it clear so that people can avoid “violating” your rules again. If not, please respect the postings and my time.

The Dark Side:

The Jesus Factor:

Truth, War and Consequence: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/truth/view/

08-07-06, 22:33
It was deleted by an accident when I was cleaning up massive numbers of spam postings/links. I restored the posting. I am sorry and thanks for bringing up to our attention and your understanding!


08-07-06, 23:46
Rehmet! :)