View Full Version : China's Vice-premier Calls for Faster Development in Xinjiang

26-06-06, 00:33
2006-06-24 22:37:22 Xinhua
Chinese Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu has called on northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to unite all ethnic groups in the region for faster economic and social development.

During his June 20 to 24 tour of the region, Hui said Xinjiang must develop with the theme of unity and common prosperity.

Covering 1.66 million sq km, about one sixth of China's landmass, Xinjiang has about 10 million people, including about five million among 47 ethnic minority groups.

Hui, responsible for agricultural affairs in the government, visited farmers and herdsmen in their homes, farmlands or grasslands.

He urged Xinjiang to take advantage of its local resources and to commercialize its unique and quality farm produce.

Xinjiang is China's major producer of agricultural products such as cotton, tomatoes and vegetables, thanks to its unique climate.

Hui also called on Xinjiang to continue efforts to prevent animal diseases and bird flu by following national policies on the prevention and control of animal diseases.