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19-06-06, 10:05
Three Gorges project in Xinjiang" gets preliminary approval
08:25 GMT, Jun 19, 2006
Shanghai. June 19 INTERFAX-CHINA -An inspection conference was held in
Xinjiang Autonomous Region from June 10 to June 13, to study the
preliminary feasibility report of the Liushugou hydropower project to be
built on the Kaidu River.
The Liushugou hydropower project will be funded by the Guodian Xinjiang
Kaidu River Valley Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., under the China
Guodian Corporation.
The inspection conference has agreed that a dam with the height of over
100 M will be built and generators with total generation capacity of 195
MW will be installed, to be located on the Kaidu River in Bayin Gholin
Prefecture of Xinjiang.
An official with the local Development and Reform Commission told
Interfax that another hydropower station funded by the Guodian
Corporation was under construction at the moment.
The 309-MW Chahanwusu hydropower project, also located on the Kaidu
River, started construction in last November, and is planned to be
finished in 2008.
The hydropower development in the middle reaches of the Kaidu River, is
regarded as the "Three Gorges project in Xinjiang." According to the
initial plan, nine hydropower projects with total generation capacity of
1,510 MW will be included.

Seventh emergency water diversion to Tarim River confirmed by MWR


On February 16th, the Ministry of Water Resources formally announced the plan of emergency water diversion to the lower reaches of the Tarim River.
The 2005 emergency water diversion will be implemented respectively in the interval period of irrigation in the spring and in the autumn. Two water diversions will transport 250 million m3 of water to the lower reaches of the Tarim River.
According to the data provided by the Sashankou Reservoir in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the coming water of the Kaidu River- source of the Tarim River is 3.168 billion m3, with only 9.999 m3/s entering into the reservoir, which is at the lowest level since 1995.
Tarim River is located in the southern part of the Xingjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with a total length of 2179 km and is the largest inland river basin in the World.
Since 1950th, ecological system of the Tarim Basin has been damaged along with the increase population and agricultural development. Due to the over-exploitation of water and low efficiency of water use, water stress tends to be more severe in these years. The ¡°Green Corridor¡± as we used to call the area, has been deteriorated for many lands are alkalinized, and moreover sandstorms happen very often.
It is known that six emergency water diversions were carried out in the Tarim Basin since 2000. In 2003 the Taitema Lake that situates at the end of the Tarim River created a storage of about 200 km2, which ends the dry-up history in the lower reaches of the river in nearly 30 years.
However, it is still worried by water specialists that although water diversions alleviated the degradation of the ¡°Green Corridor¡±, the problem has not been solved. Strict measures are needed to implement integrated water management, water licenses and regulate water allocation and management, so as to recover the ecological water use.