View Full Version : “Global Gladio”: NATO Terror Network Reaches into Asia

05-09-15, 22:50
Siyasiyunlirimiz mana buninggha qarshi jawap yezinglar.


09-09-15, 18:23
If you research the historical background of Gladio operations around the globe, you can see that it was initially setup by NATO to "counter" Communist expansion into Europe and elsewhere. Like all powerful entities, NATO is using its powers to covertly fund and operate various organizations across the globe to achieve their political, social, and economic agendas. If you look at China's Defense White Paper from 2010, one of China's top generals specifically labeled the US and NATO as its number one enemy and stated that war between the two sides were inevitable. Looking at the recent military parade celebrating China's self-claimed victory over Japan ( China actually lost to Japan, and it was the US that gained victory), we can see that China is flexing it's muscles, so far to sail 5 of its naval ships within miles off of the coast of Alaska while Mr. Obama was touring the Alaskan frontier. Though Mr. Xi Jin Ping claimed that it was a "peaceful" show off power and wasn't aimed towards anyone, we can clearly note it was otherwise looking at China's Dong Feng 15 "carrier killer missiles", clearly labeled in Latin script for spectators to see. Also, we can see that everyone is taking advantage of the Syrian conflict, including states, rebel organizations, and terrorist organizations taking advantage of the of the spoils of war, and the people are victims, unaware and too weak to put an end to the chaotic violence which seems to spread across the globe. Nonetheless, it is difficult to state whether it was NATO's Operation Gladio who orchestrated the bomb attack in Bangkok or whether it was the Chinese/ Thai intelligence themselves who orchestrated the attack to use it as a pre-text to re-patriate the remaining 3000+ Uyghurs that remain under Thai custody. By blaming the attack on the Uyghurs, China and Thailand will be able to achieve their agenda, labeling the Uyghur plight for independence as "terrorism", and for NATO it could mean countering China's growing threat and using the hundreds if not thousands of Uyghurs to fight what may seem as a meaningless war to many, but a huge strategic and profitable war for the various industries that control the global political and economic system. Needless to say, the Uyghurs are in a deep situation where they are left in a dilemma, with no clear leadership, or clear goals that unify the wide-spread Uyghur diaspora and independence movement, making them vulnerable to become easy victims of the powerful entities which govern and influence the global community. In this case the best path for Uyghur "politicians" is to organize, educate, and promote the Uyghur culture within the seemingly "westernized" / "clueless" Uyghur diaspora. Hint: Go read about the early Jewish community in the 1920s-1940s, and the rise and influence of the PKK on the Kurdish people (both within "Kurdistan", and the global diaspora).