View Full Version : Armed uprising in East Turkistan ("Xinjiang") on day of Beijing's V-J parade

03-09-15, 13:15

15:37 (GMT+8)

An armed uprising has taken place in China's restive northwest region of Xinjiang on the morning of the military parade in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, according to Duowei News, citing a report in Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun.

The local government has deployed the People's Armed Police to arrest people suspected of involvement and to put down the unrest, according to the report.

The incident is said to have started at 1am on Sept. 3 in Yarkant county in the Kashgar region of Xinjiang, according to the report. The paper stated that gunshots and an explosion were heard, but no reports of deaths or injuries have been made public.

Armored car patrols were also deployed to the Yutian, Aksu and Turpan regions of the autonomous region, suggesting that these regions may also be in a state of emergency. If the reports are true, the Japanese paper speculated that the suspects may be members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, an Islamic separatist organization founded by Uyghur militants in western China.

Several similar incidents have occurred previously in Yarkant county, so the authorities would likely have police on standby.

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