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20-12-04, 14:38
I am a graduate student in religious studies and I am trying to figure out research for my thesis. I thought it would be useful to write about Uyghur identity in America. Before I get started I thought I should find out if this is a workable topic of research. Right now, I am just wondering if many Uyghurs would be willing to be interviewed about this topic. I dont need any specifics because I would not start this research until next year but wonder how many people might be willing to do this in the future. So please let me know if you feel that possibly you, your friends, family or neighbors would be willing to be interviewed and talk about thier experience in America. If it seems like there is an arena for this research to be done, I will work on getting funding to get it underway. Thanks for yor interest and help.

20-12-04, 20:48
There are about a dozen Uyghur families who can comminicate with unless you speak Uyghur. I do not know how many of these would be willing to involve. I highly doubt that it is a workable research topic at this point of time.

21-12-04, 00:35
I think it absolutely is an interesting topic!!!!

I d be happy to be interviewed, and more importantly, I could be a translator if it is needed.

Hope you good luck!!!

Email me for specific abstracts you will have, and I believe it will be the start f this project.