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12-07-15, 20:57
Taylanttiki qerindashlirimiz ozliri "biz turk"dep deslepki qedemni nangayiti puhta basqan idi. Emme bizning chet'eldiki bezi kishillirimiz ularni arqa arqidin "yoqlap" ularning Uyghurlighini ispatlap berdi. Bu ishlarda hainlar qoli bar bolishi munkin. Bundaq sezgur ishlarda her-hil niqaplar bilen arlishish yuz berip qerindashlirmiz beheterligige eghir tesir yette. Hitay 109 qerindishimizni DUQ terpidin radicallashturulghanliq bahanasi bilen wehshilerche tutp ketti. Bundin kiyinki "yahshiliqlirimiz" helqara kishilik hoquq jemiyetliri arqiliq qilinsa qandaq?

12-07-15, 21:02
The rainy season that year had been the strongest ever and the river had broken its banks. There were floods everywhere and the animals were all running up into the hills. The floods came so fast that many drowned except the lucky monkeys who used their proverbial agility to climb up into the treetops. They looked down on the surface of the water where the fish were swimming and gracefully jumping out of the water as if they were the only ones enjoying the devastating flood.
One of the monkeys saw the fish and shouted to his companion: "Look down, my friend, look at those poor creatures. They are going to drown. Do you see how they struggle in the water?" "Yes," said the other monkey. "What a pity! Probably they were late in escaping to the hills because they seem to have no legs. How can we save them?" "I think we must do something. Let's go close to the edge of the flood where the water is not deep enough to cover us, and we can help them to get out."

So the monkeys did just that. They started catching the fish, but not without difficulty. One by one, they brought them out of the water and put them carefully on the dry land. After a short time there was a pile of fish lying on the grass motionless. One of the monkeys said, "Do you see? They were tired, but now they are just sleeping and resting. Had it not been for us, my friend, all these poor people without legs would have drowned."

The other monkey said: "They were trying to escape from us because they could not understand our good intentions. But when they wake up they will be very grateful because we have brought them salvation." (Traditional Tanzanian Folktale)