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06-06-06, 21:16
Dear Friends and members of Uyghur community

Recent detention of Mrs.Rabiya Kadeer’s children by China’s authority in Urumqi with fabricated allegation has caused outcry among Uyghurs and Uyghur friends around the world.

U.S Congressional delegation cut their visit half way in Urumqi and returned back to U.S . to protest China’s unsubstantiated detention of Rabiya Kadeer’s family members during their visit to the region.

To be part of global reaction for China’s government’s recent move of arresting innocent children of Rabiya Kadeer, who is recognized and well known leader of Uyghur Diaspora, Uyghur Canadian Association is going to have protest meeting in front of Chinese Consular in Toronto on Friday, June 9th, 6-8PM.

We are expecting all members of Uyghur community and Uyghur friends to stand up for the freedom and justice for innocents.




240 St. George Street Toronto, Ont. M5R 2P4.

Time: 6-8PM on Friday, June 9th.

08-06-06, 07:35
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Sherqi Türkistanliqlarning Namayishchilar Marshi


Sherqi Türkistanliqlarning Namayishchilar Marshi

Originally Posted by Oghuzhan
Mana bügün namayish küni,
Mana bügün Xitayning tüni.
Oyghinayli Oghuz ewladi,
jaranglisun Uyghurning üni!

Mana bügün namayish küni,
körsun düshmen Uyghur Küchini.
körsun dunya heq adaletni,
Biz alghanda ejdat öchini!

Mana bügün namayish küni,
Hörlük üchün salayli choqan.
El-wetenni qoghdash yolida,
janlar pida, aqsun issiq qan!

Mana bügün namayish küni,
Hörlük üchün salayli choqan!
Mirasxori peqet biz sening,
Ana yurtum Sherqi Türkistan!