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06-06-06, 14:43
China detains Muslim Uighur

Tue Jun 6, 6:00 AM ET

An ethnic Uighur man held by Chinese authorities for more than two months on conspiracy charges has been tortured and denied food while in detention, a rights group said Tuesday.

Tudahun Hoshun, a trader, has been held at a detention center in Shuiding, a town in China's northwestern Muslim region of Xinjiang, since March 22 on suspicion of "conspiracy to split the state," the Washington-based Uyghur American Association said in a statement.

It said Hoshun, 31, has been suspended from the ceiling, beaten and denied food for three days, as punishment for not memorizing the center's regulations in Chinese, a language he does not speak.

Uighurs are Turkic-speaking Muslims whose culture is distinct from the rest of China.

Beijing blames Uighur separatists for sporadic bombings and other violence in Xinjiang, which the Uighurs refer to as "East Turkestan."

An official at the Shuiding town government office, who refused to give his name, declined to confirm the detention Tuesday. No number was listed for Kosheriq Detention Center, where the group said Hoshun was being held.

"We are extremely concerned about Tudahun," Alim Seytoff, a spokesman for the rights group, was quoted as saying in the statement. "We hope by going public with this information we can at least ensure the abuse stops."

Last week, the group said China detained three adult children of U.S.-based Muslim activist Rediya Kadeer, who is also the association's newly elected president.

The move was apparently to keep Kadeer's family from talking to a U.S. congressional team that was visiting Xinjiang, the group said.

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