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Hun- Oguz Myth

Oguz Khan myth is shaped around the life of Hun ruler Mete, who was the ruler of between the years 209-174 BC. As in all the Turkish myths, the original form of this myth did not survive our day.Today, we have three variants of Oguz myth. The variant, inscribed in Uighur (Uygur) alphabet between 13th-16th centuries, which reflects the beliefs before Islam, is accepted to be the original form. The Persian Oguz Khan Myth, included in Cami üt-Tevarih by Reshideddin, known to be written at the beginning of 16th century, represents the first Islamic variant.The third variant of the Oguz Khan myth was formed by Ebu'l-Gazi Bahadır Khan in 17th century as based on the passing on and the previous writings among Turkmen.
The Passing on of the Oguz Khan Myth Before Islam: Ay Khan had a son with a face like the sky, a mouth like the fire, with hazel-colored eyes and with hair and eyebrows more beautiful than those of the fairies. He talked after he got his first milk from his mother and he wanted raw meat, soup and wine. He grew and walked in 40 days.His feet were like the hoofs of an ox, waist like the waist of a wolf, his shoulders were that of a sable and chest that of a bear. He used to herd horse herds and he used to hunt. There was a very large forest where Oguz lived. In this forest, a very strong and large rhinoceros lived. This rhinoceros, like a monster, ate horse herds and people. Oguz was a very brave man.

One day Oguz decided to hunt the rhinoceros. He took his pike, arrow, sword, and shield and went into the forest. He hunted a deer, tied it to a tree, and went away.When he came back as it was dawning, he saw that the rhinoceros had taken the deer. Then Oguz tied a bear, which he had hunt, by his golden belt and went. When he came back as it was dawning, he saw that the rhinoceros had also taken the bear. This time he waited under the tree. The rhinoceros came and hit Oguz's shield with his head.Oguz killed the rhinoceros by his pike. He cut its head off by his sword. He killed the light brown falcon, which was eating the intestines of the rhinoceros, by his arrow and cut its head off by his sword.

One day it suddenly became dark as Oguz Khan was praying to God. A light came down the sky. It was brighter than the sun and the moon. In this light stood a very beautiful girl, with a beauty spot as bright as the North Star on her forehead. When the girl laughed, the god of the skies laughed, and when she cried, the god of skied also cried. Oguz loved this girl and got married to her.After days and nights, the girl gave birth to three male children. They called them Day, Moon and Star.

One of the days when Oguz was hunting in the forest, he saw a tree in the middle of the lake. In the hollow of the tree sat a girl with eyes skier than the sky, with hair wavy as the river and with teeth like pearls. The people of earth could not stand her beauty when they saw her and said they were dying. Oguz loved this girl and married to her. After days and nights, Oguz had three sons from this girl. They named these children as Sky, Mountain and Sea.Oguz Khan gave a great feast. He had forty tables and forty seats built. They ate and drank various types of food, wines, desserts, and kumiss. After the feast, Oguz Khan told the chieftains and the people:

After this feast, Oguz Khan sent this letter throughout the world by his envoys: "I am the khan of the Uighurs (Uygurlar) and I must be the khan of all the world. I request obedience from you. Whoever submits to my orders, I accept his presents and make him my friend. Whoever does not obey, I am enraged. I accept him my enemy. I fight against him and have him terminated."

Altun Khan, who was on the right side then, sent many pieces of gold, silver, and precious stones to Oguz Khan and became his friend by subordinating to him. To the left of Oguz Khan was the Urum Khan with many soldiers and cities. Urum Khan did not obey to Oguz Khan. He did not accept Oguz Khan's demands again. Oguz Khan was enraged, he took his banner and mobilized against Urum Khan together with his soldiers. In 40 days, he arrived at the skirts of Ice Mountain. He had his tent built and slept silently.When it dawned, a light like the sunray entered Oguz Khan's tent. A great male wolf, with the hair and mane like the sky, came out of the light. The wold said: "O Oguz, you want to mobilize against Urum; o Oguz, I want to lead you". Then Oguz had his tent dismounted and he followed the wolf together with his army. The sky-hair and sky-mane wolf stopped at the skirts of the Black Mountain near Muren sea.

There was a great war between the army of Urum Khan and Oguz Khan. Oguz Khan won the battle, he took the land and people of Urum Khan. Oguz Khan and his soldiers came to river Idil following the sky-hair and sky-mane wolf. Ulug Ordu Bey, one of the chieftains of Oguz Khan, made a raft from the trees in order to cross the river Itil and thus they crossed the river. As Oguz liked this discovery, he called Ulug Ordu Bey as "kipchak."

They went on their road again following the sky-hair sky-mane wolf. The motley horse of Oguz Khan, that he had loved very much, escaped to the Ice Mountain. One of the hero chieftains of Oguz Khan climbed Ice Mountain, as he saw that Oguz Khan was in deep sorrow and he returned, having found the horse. Oguz Khan was very happy when he saw his horse and the hero chieftain covered with ice. He said: "You become the leader of the chieftains here. Let your name shall be Karluk ("Iced") forever." After some time, the sky-hair and sky-mane male wolf stopped. In this place, called the land of the Churchet, the khan of the Churchet and the people did not submit to Oguz Khan and there was a great battle. Oguz Khan beat the Khan of the Churchets and made the people submit to him.

Oguz Khan won many places such as India, Tangut, Syria and Barkan in the south with this sky-hair and sky-mane wolf, which walked in front of his army. His enemies had sorrow and his friends were happy. He returned home with many spoils and horses.
One day, Ulug Bey, the wise vizier of Oguz Khan, dreamt of one golden bow and three silver arrows. The golden bow extended from the east to west. Three silver arrows went to the north. When Oguz Khan heard of this dream, he divided the country between his sons.