View Full Version : historical facts on the name East Turkestan

31-05-06, 11:02
esteemed friends and observers of this forum,

would somebody with academic background in history

enlighten us about :

When the term 'East Turkestan'

was first used in history ?

by whom it was coined up ?

also the flag that is used today ,

when was it first designed ?

who was the designer ?

during which period in history was it used ?

The (Gokbayrak ) is exactly the same as Turkish Republic's flag !!!!!!!!

except for the background colour,

and Turkish Flag as is was designed after the
Turkish Independence War,

the Ottoman Empire had a different flag.

There is a standard measurement of the Turkish Flag,

the diameter and shape of the crescent
and the distance and location of the star etc.

so can we say the Uygurs borrowed the Turkish Flag in the 1920ies?

What is the oldest record available on the Gokbayrak ?

After all everything has a story,

and the history of Uygur flag would be important to know

as well as the geographic location name
chosen for the dwelling territory of the Uygurs.

hope nobody will misinterpret the inquiry,

it is the right of Uygurs to know

where the name East Turkestan is coming from

and when Uygur flag was first designed and used.