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esteemed friends and observers of this forum,

would somebody with academic background in history

enlighten us about :

When the term 'East Turkestan'

was first used in history ?

by whom it was coined up ?

also the flag that is used today ,

when was it first designed ?

who was the designer ?

during which period in history was it used ?

The (Gokbayrak ) is exactly the same as Turkish Republic's flag !!!!!!!!

except for the background colour,

and Turkish Flag as is was designed after the
Turkish Independence War,

the Ottoman Empire had a different flag.

There is a standard measurement of the Turkish Flag,

the diameter and shape of the crescent
and the distance and location of the star etc.

so can we say the Uygurs borrowed the Turkish Flag in the 1920ies?

What is the oldest record available on the Gokbayrak ?

After all everything has a story,

and the history of Uygur flag would be important to know

as well as the geographic location name
chosen for the dwelling territory of the Uygurs.

hope nobody will misinterpret the inquiry,

it is the right of Uygurs to know

where the name East Turkestan is coming from

and when Uygur flag was first designed and used.



31-05-06, 21:36
I am not a historian, but I read many articles this winter and here is what I got about your question

East Turkertan together with west Turkestan comprise a greater region which shares the same history, culture, family of languages and is populated by peoples of Turcic (also, turkic) descent. West Turkestan includes Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan. Azeri turks and tatars are very close to other Turkestanis in terms of culture and language, too.

According to some researchers, people in this region did not identify themselves as distinctively as people in Western Europe (germans, french, polish, etc). They referred to themselves as muslims first, and then as inhabitans of certain areas- Kashgar, Samarqand, Bukhara, etc. Pan-turkism, the idea of unity of turcic people was favored by intelligentsia in these countries.

Joseph Stalin's classification of ethnic groups gave rise to modern cultural and political delineation between peoples of Turkestan, and the distinction between East and West Turkestan can be traced back to this classification (1924).

Chinese authorities adopted that classification pretty much wholesale. Although the territorial division in Turkestan was criticzed (google for e.g notes by V.V. Bartold, if you can read Russian) it is institutionalized now, meaning that each people except for uyghurs have their own statehood.

Overall, my impression is that this is the result of an old "divide and conquer" recipe implented by bigger powers in the region.

for the flag and dates you can use google, search for phrases like "wikipedia uyghurs " or "wikipedia eastern turkestan" - you'll get the rough picture

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(Though I wish the data source were Turkish or Turkic researchers)

Unfortunately the British role/sponsorship/interests

in establishing the short lived Kashgar Islamic State?

is not mentioned,

why would it escape esteemed Nabijan's attention ?


01-06-06, 00:57
gokbayrak.com is supprted by Turkish

if you can order through the library or Amazon.com
The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia (Kodansha Globe)
by Peter Hopkirk is an interesting read on the role of the British.


here is the link to the list of british colletions of the related materials

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sorry the second link is irrelevant
I confused it with another one, which I cannot find now