View Full Version : Chinese paper tiger will be de-clawed

17-12-14, 21:03
To Freedom-Fighters in Tibet, East Turkestan, Manchuria and Inner
Mongolia. Be aware, the American flag flies over bases in Japan, the
Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Marshall Islands,
Guam, Wake, etc., etc., not to include the "dark" bases in
non-affiliated countries bordering China. Just remember that the US
Seventh Fleet routinely sails near the Chinese coast, to the edge of the
"12-mile limit," in fact, where international waters end and where our
AUV's are stationed with ballistic missiles for eventual war with China.
Got it? We're with you. We support you. We will ensure your freedom.

That's only a little bit of our strategy for dismembering the PRC
into the seven better-balanced nations that once encompassed that
monstrosity, beginning with the Oriental Pearl, Yangtze People's
Republic and the Yellow River Federation. The other four nations are
Tibet, East Turkmenistan (Uyghur), Mongolia (Inner and Outer together
again) and Manchuria. Keep in mind what Abe and Kerry have been doing
in China's backyard recently, and it should scare the sh*t out of you,
because it's not containment of China that we're working for; it's the
destruction of this godzilla that calls itself the PRC.

For now, let's just look at Japan, not at India, Vietnam, the
Phillipines, etc., where we have made dynamic new inroads into
solidifying American hegemony Just Japan for now: Japan has roughly
four times as many major warships as the British Royal Navy and, despite
being an island nation, more tanks than Germany. Seriously, what do
you think those tanks are for? Yes, for invasion of the PRC in 2017,
after the Battle of the Senkakus removes the PLA Navy and PLA Air Force
from the face of the earth. How? Japan boasts some extraordinary niche
capabilities in special operations forces and submarine warfare,
both diesel and nuclear, and is developing new amphibious capabilities
with the help of the U.S. Marines. Additionally, Japan announced it
will buy stealth fighters, drones and a fleet of submarines as part of a
splurge on military hardware that will beef up "defense of far-flung
islands amid a territorial row with China," meaning the Battle of the
Senkakus in 2017, of course.

Open your minds to the fact that Japanese military power is ascendant. Fears of China's rise across the region have brought Japan closer to all the nations it once conquered in and around the South China Sea, as well as India and even South Korea, which faces a greater need to get along with Japan if it is to survive NK and PRC aggression, such as this new ADIZ and maybe even one over the South China Sea. In fact, most of these nations are calling on Japan to develop a nuclear deterrent for the protection of the East China and
South China seas.

After all, this new necessity of better balancing the nations of Asia
has given the new Japan, operating under the American aegis, the
regional forgiveness, or at least forgetfulness, that its diplomatic and
economic gestures never could achieve. Whatever Japan's Constitution
says, the decades of localized pacifism are long gone, and the "active
pacifism of de-clawing the Chinese paper tiger" proclaimed by the ruling
Liberal Democrats amounts to a global declaration of full military

Pay special attention to this: US Secretary of State John Kerry
said on a visit to Manila that the US backs the newly-announced
re-armament plan, saying it had been planned with the United States
beforehand. In his own words: "Japan has the ability to play a more
modern, engaged role in the region. This is something we have been
working on, and that the Japanese military has been planning for some
period of time."

So, patriots and freedom-fighters, keep a nightlight on. You will need it to
watch your Han neighbors being escorted out of your country in the middle
of the night. Freedom for all Tibetans! Freedom for all Uyghurs! Freedom to all Mongolians! Freedom to all Manchurians! Fight! Fight! Fight!