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14-12-04, 10:09

I am a Tibetan.

I was just wondering if it would be more effective if our two movements worked together? or if it's better if we acknowledged the others cause, but mainly focused on our own country's movement?

I was born in India. I was finally able to go to Tibet this year. What a shock! There were so many Chinese people, and it was extremely difficult not knowing Chinese (eventhough I was in Tibet). It made me really angry and sad that in my own country, I can't use my own language. I'm sure it's like that in East Turkestan. And now they are building the railroad in Tibet to connect it with China. It's so scary to think of what will happen when the railroad is completed.

Regardless of all this, I just want to say that we must never loose hope. We must persevere.

14-12-04, 11:06
Hi Tenzin,

Thanks for visiting this website. You're completely right, Uyghurs and Tibetans (and other opressed minorities in China) should work together. In fact, WUC (i.e., World Uyghur Congress) is actively cooperating with Tibet Excile Government in oppozing Chinese colonial regime.

Situation in East Turkestan is even worse than that in Tibet: the main railroad that connects us to China was built as early as in the 1950s, which helped increase the population of Chinese colonialsts from 5% in 1940s to more than 50% today. East Turkestan's today is Tibet's tomorrow.

You're absolutely right, we can not lose our hope and we should fight together for realizing this hope of ours.



15-12-04, 03:12
Hi Tenzin,

I am a Uighur form Eat Turkistan. The plight of Tibetians and Uighurs is the same. We struggle for our independence and freedom together forever. We should work together.

The railway connection to Lhasa is to encourage more and more Chinese immigrants to Tibet to strengthen the "occupation" as what the Chinese government has already done to East Turkistan.

If we look back to the last a few dozens of years, we can see many peoples obtained their freedom and independence. We must not lose hope.

16-12-04, 12:15
The essential difference between the Tibetan and the Xinjiang dilemna is primarily one of religion. While Hollywood socialites may find it easy to relate to Tibetan Buddhism and champion the cause of Tibetan freedom, in a post-9/11 world, there will be few Western public figures who would feel justified in championing the Uighur fight.

The primary hurdle that Uighurs must overcome is Western ignorance about the the essence of Islam. The primary hurdle for Westerners is compartmentalizing the current struggle as a war against fanatics rather than against a religion.

Too many people in my country reacted to 9/11 with a "kill 'em all" attitude. On September 11, even I--a devoted pacifist--was prepared to enlist. Thank heavens I was wise enough to avoid a lifelong mistake made in a fit of anger.

As an American outraged by the--lets not mince words--racism prevalent in my society, the task is to inform and educate my peers.


16-12-04, 18:41
It would be one thing if the Chinese governement was the only one that adamantly kept saying that East Turkestan and Tibetan are an inalienable part of China. However, the reality is that if you talk to any Chinese from mainland China they will almost always say that these two countries are a part of China...they really believe that. It really upsets me when I meet these people. I'm wondering if there is any way to reach out to these people (if that is at all possible)? I mean, we have nothing to loose. Or would something like that only work out on a mass level when China becomes a free society?

Yes, I have heard about how the railroad in East Turkestan has really messed up your country (in terms of the increased numbers of Chinese) Man! These people reproduce like rabbits!

One of the success of the Tibetan refugee situation has been the establishment of the governement in exile. I think the Dalai Lama deserves some credit. Eventhough he has not been to Tibet for almost 50 years, almost all the Tibetans I met in Tibet still have so much love, reverence, and respect for him. They all long for him to come back.

19-12-04, 12:14
I think it is a good idea , for uygur and tibetan people
to know more of each other historically,culturally
and establish friendly ties,
not only because of their mutual fate
in today's chinese political geography,

because it is one important and long due step to be taken.

However it seems the charisma of dalai lama is wearing off !
during his last visit to Puerto Rico,
tickets were going for 500$...

Our tibetan friends have accomplished great feats
in disseminating their culture and religion worldwide,
there were 2 or three buddhist temples in puerto rico
and they were praying in tibetan !

Under this light ,we,uygurs could benefit from tibetan approach
of presenting a case to world politics.




and please let us not be carried away
in defining our friends or foes !


21-12-04, 18:09
Dear Oguzhan,

I'm so impressed that regardless of what the Chinese government has done to our people, you still respect the Chinese. I respect what you wrote in bold print.

Thank you,

22-12-04, 15:58
dear Tenzin,
if recorded history is correct
then you will see that even
we have had our disputes and wars with the Tibetans !
but today we cannot carry old hatred from the past

but the Kingdom of Khotan had played a major role
in disseminating Buddhism is another topic that needs to be uncovered

as for respecting Chinese people
as humanbeings is our duty
because God-Allah has created all mankind
if He had preferred Uygurs and Tibetans
over the Chinese
we would have known.

let us be humanbeings first
then Uygurs,Tibetans etc...

the nationality factor to me is the colour of creation

and our probable mission on earth
is that of brotherhood among all nations

FIGHT-is a strong word

23-12-04, 13:35
Mr. OGhuzhan,

It seems that you have never lived with the Chinese people, and your intentions seem to be based on purely pacifist viewpoints. Nothing is wrong with that! However, Your equation that "The Chinese are also human-beings", is not reflection of the reality. Would it be proper for Uyghurs/Tibetnas to accept the inequality that Chinese created for them, such that "the minorities are barbarians, backwarded, therefore they are inferior to the great Yan-Huang people"?

If you have not studied that "inequality", I suggest that you pay attention to the sufferings of your people, rather than looking at the "happy pictures" painted by the Chinese.

I agree with you that we are all human-beings first, and we too deserve to be equal to other people. However, The reality again refutes such claim. Thus, I respectfully disagree your opinion that the Chinese do treat Uyghurs, Tibetans equally. They are not treating us equally. Conversely, they have oppressed Uyghurs/Tibetans for so long.

I hope you tell your equation to the Chinese as well.

The bird of "Peace" can't fly with one wing!

26-12-04, 22:41
Hi O.Ghu zhan,

Everybody thinks ordinary Chinese are good people. Some of them are the also the victoms of the present regime.

The evil people among the Chinese are the politiciens such as Mao, Deng, Wang.
Their behaviour towards Uighurs and Tibetians is inhuman.

Most of the Uighurs are peace-loving people like you, which might led us to be controllled by those evils.

27-12-04, 20:40
Hi guys!

To be frank, I do not see the exact sense of the discussion. Do I have to read something between lines?

Well, being chinese to me means nothing, me personally treat those people as I would treat any other, but, as a matter of fact, not many of those chinese guys that I met in my life ever knew anything about Uighurs. (low-middle class chinese, especially students)

Actually, when I tell them who am I, they are shocked. Then I am asking why they are shocked... And the answers come again and again!

The answers, that are harvest of great INFORMATION WAR against us, people. Against national minorities, "terrorists", "barbarians", "inferior people". These poor guys are victims of their own regime as we are, indeed.

We should be able to explain who we are, and why we are not dangerous to them. But it is helpfulness, because this should be done on a large scale. Nothing changes when 2 or 3 chinese guys sympathize to Uighurs and Tibetans, or Mongolians.

I believe that our "lobby" should be based on huge HUMAN RESOURCES which would be truly dedicated to dissemination of OBJECTIVE INFORMATION.

Words are not enough. Truism, but MONEY TALKS, guys. Earn money guys, to make your voices sound!