View Full Version : East Turkestan & Tibet fight together?

14-12-04, 10:08

I am a Tibetan.

I was just wondering if it would be more effective if our two movements worked together? or if it's better if we acknowledged the others cause, but mainly focused on our own country's movement?

I was born in India. I was finally able to go to Tibet this year. What a shock! There were so many Chinese people, and it was extremely difficult not knowing Chinese (eventhough I was in Tibet). It made me really angry and sad that in my own country, I can't use my own language. I'm sure it's like that in East Turkestan. And now they are building the railroad in Tibet to connect it with China. It's so scary to think of what will happen when the railroad is completed.

Regardless of all this, I just want to say that we must never loose hope. We must persevere.