View Full Version : Why Crimean Independence and following joining with Russia can benefit uyghurs

17-03-14, 19:29
In January 1945 in Yalta Conference in Crime Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill signed agreement about post-war order in the World and decided how divide Europa, Asia and the rest of the World after defeating of Germany and Japan. In Agreement Stalin gave promise to Roosevelt and Churchill to keep boundaries of China as it is without alterations. In 1949 in August it gave excuse to Stalin to kill all leadership of Eastern Turkestan Republic in Moscow after Akhmetjan Kasimi refused to join ETR Republic with future communist China state. Negotiations started in Alma-ata on August 22,1949 and continued 3 days. Because Kasimi refused with Stalin demands it was decided to continue negotiations in Moscow directly with Stalin. On August 25, 1949 ETR delegation came to Moscow by air flight, was arrested and put in MGB prison in former Tsarist Stables. General Abakumov (right hand of Beria) himself interrogated and tortured ETR leaders. He said that Uyghurstan will never appear on the map of the Earth and ETR leaders should to die. On August 27, 1949 they were executed and buried somewhere in Moscow district. On October 20,1949 PLA units came to Urumchi on air planes provided by Stalin. On December 20, 1949 National Army of ETR joined PLA as its 5th Corps. ETR was liquidated. Actually, USSR and Stalin gained maximum benefits from ETR revolution. Beria on August 29,1949 reported to Stalin about successful testing of the first Soviet atomic bomb, for creation of which ETR contributed so much, 100% of Uranium-238 (enriched to Uranium-235) and Beryllium ( catalyst of nuclear reaction) for its production was delivered from ETR. Mao got present from Stalin who handed him over Xinjiang Province which is unbelievably rich with mineral resources. Uyghurs got almost nothing although 90% of National Army consisted of uyghurs and 94% of all casualties in the Army also were referred to uyghurs. But in January 1946 Army stopped to fight. Consequences we feel till today. History already paid each what he deserves. Stalin died in 1953 ( or was poisoned). Beria and Abakumov were shot dead at the same 1953. USSR already erased from the map of the Earth. Roosevelt died in 1945 ,Churchill became history long time ago. But Yalta Agreements lived till yesterday. Now they also became a history. Coming annexation of Crime by Russia means that post-war Order came to the END.