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azeri turkic
04-03-14, 10:49
Uyghur brothers, I am an Azeri turkic and I have readed a bit about uyghurs and China.
I am thinking that the filthy china rejim wants to make you guys radical.

Think about it are those men who graduated university's in the communist party really that stupid to forbid something that more then 10 million of their own people (chinese muslims) and millions of othere native people practice in china, immigrants who came yesterday in europe have more religious rights then you guys. Look they have a clear purpose with this my brothers those filthy mother fker are playing with your peoples psychology don't fall in their trap my brothers.

Be cool-headed and clever understand that this dirty rejim is doing all those unusual religious oppression on islam and uyghur people on purpose, with the aim to make your people start a radical movement (like taliban and al qaida) and so stop the support what you get from the west.

They want the west to be scared from you guys and so stop the support that you get from the west etc it is obvious that they oppress islamic religion more than others and oppres uyghurs more then chinese muslims. You guys should always be a few steps for the filthy rejim be clever dont fall in their trap brothers.

I wanted to hear what you guys think about it and what uyghur people in general think about it in understand uyghur very wel.

sagol/thanx in advance

azeri turkic
04-03-14, 10:54
Responde in ENGLISH please i cannot understand uyghur very wel

sagol/thanx in advance