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Watch: Obama CRUSHES Three Years Of GOP Lies At National Prayer Breakfast (Video)
Posted by: John Prager in Religion, Videos February 6, 2014

President Obama, at a February 6 prayer breakfast, destroyed years old right-wing propaganda. Our secret Muslim, Christian-hating, anti-Israel dictator proved to be a poor example of such as he pressed for greater religious freedom for all, citing examples of how different religious groups are routinely oppressed around the world. “When I meet with Chinese leaders – and we do a lot of business with the Chinese, and that relationship is extraordinarily important not just to our two countries but to the world – but I stress that realizing China’s potential rests on upholding universal rights, including for Christians, and Tibetan Buddhists, and Uighur Muslims,” the President said.

Most importantly in dealing with right-wing myths, the President broke from his tradition of not discussing his faith to let the crowd know how much his Christian faith means to him, “I’m grateful not only because I was broke and the church fed me, but because it led to everything else. It led me to embrace Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It led me to Michelle, the love of my life, and it blessed us with two extraordinary daughters.”

The President also dealt a serious blow to claims of his Muslim-hood. Going forward, we will keep standing for religious freedom around the world. And that includes, by the way, opposing blasphemy and defamation of religion measures, which are promoted sometimes as an expression of religion, but, in fact, all too often can be used to suppress religious minorities. We continue to stand for the rights of all people to practice their faiths in peace and in freedom. And we will continue to stand against the ugly tide of anti-Semitism that rears it’s ugly head all too often.”