View Full Version : Why Ilham Tohti was Taken to Urumqi

Turdi. Ghoja
29-01-14, 20:30
Ilham has been a Beijing resident since he was 16 in 1985. But, according to news reports he was taken to Urumchi, a city in which he has never had a residensy, for questioning and a possible trial. This unusual treatment would not happened if he were not an Uyghur. If a Chinese commits a crime he will be charged and tried in the city of his residence even he has residence there for less than 5 years. The Government blames him as separatist, yet it treats him differently than it does the Chinese population. Who is being the separatist here? They are taking him to Urumchi because the Chinese law means a little something in Beijing, but it means nothing when it comes to Uyghurs in "Xinjiang" where they can put away or even kill an Uyghur at will without proving his guilt. Our homeland has been turned into a lawless wild west where there is no accountibility for Uyghur people's safety and lives. I wish we had the money to buy the outrage of the world.

30-01-14, 09:30
Urumqi de ba jia hu we dong go bei deydigen turmiler urumqining shimalide bolup, adette xin jiang (sherki turkestan) mikyasidiki siyasi uyghur jinayetqilerni mushu turmilerge yotkep kilip muddetini ijra kilidighan ishi bar. Karighanda Ilham Tohti ning siyasi jinayetqi ikenligi aldin ala muyenleshken. Bu turmilerde ilham tohning dunyani toluk qushunush pursiti belkim bar, u turmilerde ilham tohtigha ustaz bolalaydighan yer kawullarmu hem bar.