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12-05-06, 09:22
China criticizes US handling of Uighur detainees
Fri May 12, 2006 1:28 AM ET

BEIJING (Reuters) - A former leader of China's far western region of Xinjiang criticized the United States on Friday for allowing five Chinese Muslims released from Guantanamo Bay to seek asylum in Albania.

Ismail Amat, a vice-chairman of China's parliament and formerly a senior Communist Party official in the Central Asia border region that is home to the country's Muslim Uighur minority, said the men should have been released into Chinese custody.

"The way the U.S. has handled this case is not right," Amat told reporters on the sidelines of a news conference.

The United States said last week the men had been released from nearly four years of U.S. military detention but it declined to return them to China out of concern they would face persecution. Instead, they were flown to Albania.

China's Foreign Ministry has protested to the United States and Albania over the issue.

Beijing has waged a campaign in Xinjiang against what it says are Islamic extremists and says the men are connected to a group agitating for an independent "East Turkestan".

Amat said the cases would be handled according to the law if they were returned, but repeatedly referred to them as terrorists.

He also said they had received training under the Taliban in Afghanistan, indicating that despite being cleared of charges in Guantanamo, China still viewed them as suspects.

Uighurs, whose language and culture are similar to those of Turkic peoples in Cental Asia, have chafed at Beijing's controls on religion and culture in Xinjiang, sparking occasional violence in the oil-rich region.

But human rights groups say China has used its support for the U.S.-led war on terror to justify a wider crackdown on Uighurs characterized by arbitrary arrests, closed trials and the use of the death penalty.

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China Post
12-05-06, 09:24
China says U.S. hampering anti-terror efforts by releasing Guantanamo Uighurs(updated 03:25 p.m.)


A top Chinese official on Friday accused the U.S. of hindering the global anti-terror struggle by refusing to hand over five Chinese Muslims released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Parliament Vice Chairman Ismail Amat said China suspects the five men, who were captured during the U.S. assault on Afghanistan in 2001-2002, are members of a terror group.

"I think America is implementing a double standard in fighting terrorism. This is unacceptable to us," said Amat, who is also a member of the Communist Party's Central Committee.

The U.S. military flew the men to Albania last week after Washington concluded they posed no terrorist threat to the United States but might face persecution if they returned to China.

However, Beijing has demanded they be returned to China, linking them to the East Turkistan Islamic Movement that it says has ties to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terror network.

"They received Taliban or al-Qaida training in Afghanistan," Amat said, referring to the five. "They are hardcore terrorists and should be dealt with under the law."

Asked whether China had evidence against the men, Amat implied that their mere presence in Afghanistan was enough.

"The Americans caught them in Afghanistan," Amat said. "They were serving in a terrorist organization. They should be dealt with under the law."

China has been fighting a low-level insurgency against Islamic separatists in its western territory of Xinjiang, whose majority ethnic group, the Uighurs, have close cultural and religious ties to other Central Asian groups. Xinjiang is sometimes referred to by Uighurs as "East Turkistan."

Beijing blames Uighur separatists for sporadic bombings and other violence in the Xinjiang region. But diplomats and foreign experts are skeptical and say most violence stems from personal disputes. China's military brutally suppressed a series of Uighur protests in the 1990s and is believed to continue to execute accused separatist activists.

No terrorist acts have been reported for years in Xinjiang and Amat, a former Xinjiang governor and the highest ranking Uighur in the party, said China had "ascertained all of the terrorist's plans."

While giving no figures for arrests, he said "mere followers" were sent to labor camps to be educated in "a correct understanding of ethnic unity and social stability," while organizers were "dealt with severely under the law."

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nime deptu bu hewerde. simayil ballirini kaytip kelsun dewetiptuma.

12-05-06, 10:33
Bu engilisce hewerni uyghurchigha terjime qilip qoysanglar boptiken.Asasi mezmunini bolsimu.Rehmet.

12-05-06, 11:02
asasisi mezmuni: Ismayilahun Gitmodiki "balilirini" wetenga kayrurup berishi kerek deptu. Uninggha bundak nimey nime amal bar??

12-05-06, 11:56
asasisi mezmuni: Ismayilahun Gitmodiki "balilirini" wetenga kayrurup berishi kerek deptu. Uninggha bundak nimey nime amal bar??

"Men bundaq diyelmeymen, asang ale mene quruq textingni, men yurtumgha ketey" diyelmemdighandu, bu bichariler?

12-05-06, 12:03
siz diyelemsiz ??????

"Men bundaq diyelmeymen, asang ale mene quruq textingni, men yurtumgha ketey" diyelmemdighandu, bu bichariler?

12-05-06, 13:33
siz diyelemsiz ??????
muawin hakim derijilik hoquqni tashlap berip ketken. shu yerde yumshaq bashliq bilen ishlisem belkim chongraq hoquqmu tegishi mumkin idi.

12-05-06, 16:55
seypidin oz wahtida "pakining kondakka qikixi" digen hikayiside mundak yazghan :
"bixide kuturux, tilsiz kilip koyux"
Emdi ismayil emet mundak yazsa bolghidek:
"bixide kuturux, xatute kilip koyux" dep

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Bu engilisce hewerni uyghurchigha terjime qilip qoysanglar boptiken.Asasi mezmunini bolsimu.Rehmet.


http://www.rfa.org/uyghur/xewerler/uyghur/2006/05/12/guantanamo-xitay/index.html?simple=1 (http://www.rfa.org/uyghur/xewerler/uyghur/2006/05/12/guantanamo-xitay/index.html?simple=1)

Ismayil emet amérikining uyghur tutqunlarni xitaygha qayturup bermigenlikini tenqid qildi

Uyghur aptonom rayonining sabiq reisi, xitay xelq qurultiyining muawin mudiri ismayil emet jüme küni amérikini güentanamodin qoyup bérilgen 5 neper uyghurni xitaygha qayturup bermigenliki üchün, amérikini yer shari térrorluqqa qarshi kürishike tosqunluq qilmaqta, dep eyiblidi.

Ismayil emetning eskertishiche, xitay 2001 we 2002 - Yilliri afghanistanda esir élinghan bu 5 uyghurlarni " gumanliq térrorchilar", dep qaraydiken. U, "méningche amérika térrorluqqa qarshi küreshke qosh ölchem ishlitiwatidu. Biz buni qobul qilalmaymiz " deydu. Uyghur aptonom rayoni xelq qurultiyi ismayil emetni 1985 - Yildiki saylamda aptonom rayonning reislikige yene bir qétim körsitishke tirishqan bolsimu, lékin béyjing dairilirining namzati tömür dawametni ret qiliwétishqa jüret qilalmighan idi.

Ismayil emet ilgiri "meschitke kirip namaz oqumaqchi bolghan dölet kadirliri maashini meschitttin alsun " dégen sözliri bilen uyghur jamaetchilikining diqqitini qozghighan shexs. U, bu qétim béyjingda chetel metbuatlirigha güentanamodin gunahsiz, dep qoyup bérilgen bu 5 uyghurni "ular taliban we el qaididin telim terbiye alghan" dédi. Ularni " esebiy térrorchilar," dep tekitligen ismayil emet, "ular qanun boyiche jazalinishi kérek " deydu. Lékin u, bu kishilerning térrorchi ikenlikige ispati barliqini sorighan bir muxbirgha ularning afghanistanda tutulghanliqining özi yiterlik, dep jawab bergen.

Guantanamodin qoyup bérilgen 5 neper uyghur musapiri ötken jüme küni albaniyige orunlashturuldi. Lékin xitay hökümiti bu 5 kishini xitaygha ötküzüp bérish heqqide albaniye hökümitige bésim ishletmekte.

Albaniye axbarat agéntliqining xewer qilishiche, albaniye hökümiti uyghur musapirlarni xitaygha ötküzüp bérish toghrisida albaniye parlaméntidiki bezi öktichi küchlerning bésimigha duch kelmekte. Albaniye hökümiti bu 5 uyghurgha siyasiy panaliq bérish - Bermeslik mesiliside hazirghiche bir qarargha kelmigenlikini bildürgen. (Erkin)

13-05-06, 10:53
hay buraderler bu ismayil amat digan nalik nima?
qayarlar da chong bolghan?
:dolat hizmatchiliri namaz otisa mashini maschittin alsun :digan qandaq gap boldi?
bu xittay ning 5. chong kashpiya ti boldimu amdi?

13-05-06, 11:24
karaang, u atkaqa ashundak bolmighuurr geplerde kiip koyup kalang, ak kisel bolup yitip kaldi ayna. bu da yane nim bop kalarki bu haramlik gaqa kalang.