View Full Version : Accommodation for Uyghur intern needed in DC

10-05-06, 17:28
Accommodation for Uyghur intern needed in DC

A Uyghur student from Atlanta, GA will be starting an internship in Washington, DC later this month, and needs to arrange her accommodation as soon as possible.

She is hoping she can stay with a Uyghur family in the DC/ northern Virginia area until the first week of August, and is happy to pay for her accommodation -- short-term commercial contracts are extremely expensive, as well as hard to find at such short notice.

If there is a Uyghur family with a room available who would like to help out, please contact the UAA office, and we will put you in touch with her family in Georgia.

Many thanks.

Tel: 202 349 1496
E-mail: admin [at] uyghuramerican.org