View Full Version : After seen a Uyghur guy with a chinese girl

10-12-04, 12:41
Yesterday, I was absolutely shocked after I saw a Uyghur Guy with a chinese girl walking arm in arm in the US. I sincerely ask my god, please I will not see that again.

10-12-04, 15:50

10-12-04, 17:42
Hittay kizlirdin bolsimu aqqighini eliwatkandu ehtimal

10-12-04, 19:09
If she cares u and loyal to you and if u do the same to her, there is wall between her and you (Regardless of her nationality). In that case, the value of her much more higher than the one you are longing to see.

10-12-04, 20:22
I am 100% sure that the guy was Uyghur and I really respected him becuase of his manner, language, and his hard work. However, the girl was a Chinese and she was walking with him and talking on the phone in Chinese. I still do not know why he could be with her. I am pretty sure they were Chinese and Uyghur.

I am still in shock becuase it is very difficult to see some you respect being with someone you do not like at all.

GOd bless Uyghur Guys.

my lord
11-12-04, 00:29
what is worng with you guys in US. there are tons of uyghur sigle girls out there , go and get them .. shame on you guys

11-12-04, 12:13
But, there was no better uyghur girls I think. They are all dubm like a shit.

hold on
11-12-04, 13:50
what ? may be you are not lucky enough to meet a nice uyghur girl,, but i stroughly believe that there are many educated , nice uyghur girls there . dont be disappointed you will meet someone who really cares about you as long as you know how to care about someone else.

11-12-04, 14:13
Oh good! So, how can I contact the right girl? Would you tell me please!!!

hold on
11-12-04, 14:23
OH , why dont you just ask for my number ...

11-12-04, 15:45
If you are, what is the number though?

bir kiz
11-12-04, 16:54
Hormetlik RAS:
siz hekikiy muhabetke irishelemmey, we yakiy tepish pirsiti bolmay yakiy harektiringizning sewebidin uyghurkizlirining muhabitige irishelmey,we erishturelmey! undak hakaretlik geplerni kilmang!Chettelde bir kiz,yakiy bir oghul ozi yakshi koridighan ,arzulighan kiz oghul tepish nahayiti tes,chunkiy muyut,sharayit,pirset,chushinish,ozining sewiyesige(bolom yakiy turmush kozkarshi)tengkilidighan kiz oghul tepish nahayitites,hemidin muyommi,hekikiy muhabet (suyidighan)pirsetler AZ!...shu seweplerdin siz tola chechilip kaldighizmu?...oghullarni,hemde kizlarngha hakaretkilmang!aghzighizni yeghing!

11-12-04, 20:37
Hold On, You are funny!

Who are you? I might know you though. And you are only 16, so I d better not to get your number. I am afraid, you are only 17 at max.

Who cares
11-12-04, 20:55
Seriously, who cares about other people's personal lifes! Maybe she makes him happy in many ways none of us will ever understand. If he feels right then it is his own business, so let him be!

By the way to Ras, I think you didn't meet any intelligent Uyghur girls yet, please don't insult us. There are many smart girls in North America.

12-12-04, 00:24
To who cares,

You know, I have tried to think the way you thought. However, I could agree that Uyghur guys should go with Chinese girls. You know there are alot of other nationalities' girls, why chinese?!!

Since, I have been here, have not seen any Uyghur girl at all.

hold on
12-12-04, 03:28
i dont think you know me , i dont know any uyghur guys in US.

12-12-04, 09:29

a question for you, have you get cutted ?
If yes, you don't need to look after others, go and get any girls you want.

People can discuss and be friend with each other regardless race and religion, shame on you if you are living in the states.
Go and don't press you empty bed!

12-12-04, 10:56
bir uygur bir tey teyni ni yolda uygur bilan koruwaldi dep ilangni 171 kisi koruptu ve 17 kisi hat yazuptu bir jayda bir namayish kilipti degende aran 2 kisi hat yazuptu sunu yahsi oylaysh kerek deymen
hudayim insap bersun

who cares
12-12-04, 11:00
To Ras,

There you go, you didn't even see any how can you say they are all like dumb shit. Not fair at all. You should start looking... good luck!

Like you said you understand then don't ask why Chinese, she makes him happy, so be it.

titre kendine don
12-12-04, 11:05
uygur genclerime
gercekten dusundurucu dort uygur amerikaya gitmis masaallah cok guzel ingilizce ogrenmis bir taraftan bar bar bagiriyorsunuz bizi cinliler asimile ediyor diye ama ne hikmetse amerikalar simdiden sizi dort gunde amerikali ederek asimile etmisler bile bir uygur uygurcha gep kilma inlizce geb kil diyerek balasini tillemezmu men muz dek boldum nime deyisimi billelmedim
lutfen ingilizcenizi amerikalilara satiniz uygurlara degil
turkcenin uygur lehcesinizi cocuklariniza hatta amerikalilara ogretiniz.

to who cares
12-12-04, 13:48

kiz boytak
13-12-04, 03:02
Oylapkaldim,chettellerde nurghun boytah uyghur kiz,oghullarbar,dolet,...seweplerdin ozige layik kiz oghullarni tapalmawatidu,...
buninggha bir amalyyokmu?

13-12-04, 12:26
TO who cares,

DO you live in the US? If you do please tell me which state you are in, if could. Thanks.

Who cares
13-12-04, 14:07

Sorry to disappoint you, but I live up north, I live in Canada, Eh! I know there are lot of nice girls in US though, stop talking go into action and go find these girls!

To Hold on:

What's up with you???? That is not Funny riiiiighttttttttttttt?!!! HAhahaaaa...
Call me!

to who cares
13-12-04, 14:24
hi , final is coming up i have to study today .
bye wasaxi

To Ras
14-12-04, 03:02

Why don’t you try to find a job or do something meaningful? I never knew there are still some foolish Uyghurs here to spend their time and energy for gossiping about others’ business.

I wonder why the custom officer let you in the United States.

Who Cares
14-12-04, 13:48
To Hold On:

Finals? Who cares about finals, listen, call me !