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Abdurahman ozturk
31-08-13, 15:09
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owever, I deliberately avoid these deities for fear of being accused of cultural appropriation by those who maintain an authentic kin based worship of them and feel that I m just a voyeuristic white exploiting their traditions for my own spiritual needs. And so, paradoxically, I stick to the white deities out of respect for minority communities. But I hope that one day we can foster a syncretic tradition with enough trust to allow the borrowing and sharing of practices between cultures, without people feeling that their cultural cheap authentic soccer jerseys (http://www.blackhillsproperty.com/seller.aspx) autonomy is under attack. December 15, 2009 at wholesale soccer jerseys sale (http://www.dakotaq.com/search.aspx) 8:38 am 29 Mystiq Morena says: I Am 23 and I m African American as it gets. I was born in AZ and moved to Jersey wholesale soccer jerseys online (http://www.shirleycorder.com/Upload.asp) in adolescence amp. was teased for talking white proper diction I despise stereotypes. That said, I noticed from a young age I was always drawn to candles Ive always known their meanings and significance before I did any research. More things like that a natural affinity for God Goddess based spirituality has followed me. But there is a catch. I was raised Baptist and have 7 baptist Pastor uncles and my family is heavily involved in Christianity. I am terrified. I don t live in the Ghetto perc��, but the black people here certainly are all Holy Rollers and I feel so out of place. I m glad this question was posted and I feel a pull in my heart to pursue knowledge my year and a day but I also feel intensly alone because I did a little net surfing and there are non like me until Long Island which is so far All of your really blessed me as well, though. Thanx April 5, 2010 at 10:43 am 30 Alessia says: Thank you *so* much for asking this question. I m in a somewhat similar situation. I m adopted Korean, raised and


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