View Full Version : Shanxi ölkiside bir hitay 6 yashliq balinig közini uyuwetipu

28-08-13, 01:55
Police in China say a woman tricked a 6-year-old boy into going into a field, and then removed his eyeballs.
The boy’s brutal ordeal happened on Saturday in a rural area of Linfen city in Shanxi province, the city’s police bureau said in a statement.

A police officer confirmed Wednesday that the boy’s eyeballs had been removed. The officer, who only gave his surname, Liu, said he couldn’t speculate on a motive because the investigation was continuing. “We are sparing no efforts trying to solve this case,” he added.

Liu said the two eyeballs were found at the scene, and that the corneas hadn’t been removed. State media previously had raised the possibility that the boy’s corneas were taken for sale because of a donor shortage in China.

28-08-13, 16:27
Buninggha nime hayran qalisiz ?!Bu haywan solamchi kapir hittay edim ames, siz texiche bularni edim hisaplawatamsiz?! haywanmu bularden yaxshi! Alla bu jallat guylirining kuni az qaldi .inshaalla bularmu qul bulidighan kun yetip kele ilayimda!!!