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Sanubar Ensemble's Uyghur Music performance in Turkey (1)

Sanubar Ensemble's Uyghur Muqam Music performance at 9th International Mystic Music Festival in Konya, Turkey on Sept 27, 2012. Uygur Mugam Müziği / 9th Edition / 9.Festival, Sept 27th / 27 Eylül Turkey.


Sanubar Tursun has established a reputation as the preeminent uyghur female singer-songwriter. She comes from a musical family, her brothers being Hesenjan Tursun and Nurmemet Tursun. A singer and dutar player since childhood, Sanubar trained and worked professionally as a chang (hammer dulcimer) player.

She achieved real success as a singer and dutar player with a series of albums of traditional and composed songs, working initially with Nurmemet, a virtuoso satar and tambur player, and, more recently, with Hesenjan. Her songs are widely listened to and imitated by audiences and musicians across xinjiang’s towns and rural areas, and she is respected for her integrity as an artist.

Sanubar has recently left her homeland in order to study composition at Shanghai Conservatory. “Now I can write my own songs, but I’d like to compose larger pieces,” she said. “I want to write down and publish my musical ideas for other musicians to see what they think.”



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