View Full Version : Choqum korung: Rebiya Kadeer xanim US Congresste (neq meydan videosi)

25-04-06, 21:02

25-04-06, 23:18
Korunmidighu ? Bu qandaq gep.

26-04-06, 00:30
Link ni copy qilip browser ge chaplang

Professional Uyghur!
26-04-06, 02:35
Eger sizde RealPlayer bolmisa, link'ni copy qilip chaplisingizmu echilmaydu. shunga eng beshida RealPlayer'ni qurup, undin kiyin yaki RealPlayer'din yuqirdiki adresni eching weyaki adresni copy qilip IExplorer'ge chaplang....

bu heqiqeten korushke tegishlik video iken, choqum korup qoyunglar....

26-04-06, 04:25
what an amazing woman! of course, with a great assistant! Thank you.

Just wanted to make a small correction about the percentage of the Chinese migrants. According to many sources, the total Chinese population was 6% when the Chinese occupied East Turkistan in 1949, not 20%. This figure increased to 9 million, 45%, in 2004 (I believe the actual number is higher than this.), which means the Uyghurs are no longer majority in East Turkistan. :(