View Full Version : China's largest coalfield may have been found in Xinjiang

24-04-06, 10:34
Shanghai. April 21. INTERFAX-CHINA - The Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and
Minerals Exploration has found a coalfield with proven reserves of 68.5
bln tons in the east of the Jungar Basin.
The total coal reserves of the area are estimated to finally reach 390
bln tons after a few years of further exploration, which would make it
the largest coalfield in China.
The Ordos coalfield in Inner Mongolia is now the largest coalfield in
China, with total proved reserves of 124.4 bln tons.
Currently, the total proved coal reserve in the Xinjiang Autonomous
Region stands at 97.8 bln tons.
Feng Jing, a senior official with the Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and
Minerals Exploration, told Interfax that a number of large energy
companies, including the Shandong Luneng Group, the Shenhua Group, the
Xinjiang Tebian Electric Apparatus Group, the Shandong Yankuang Coal
Group, the Huadian Group and the Dalian Shide Group have invested in the
new coalfield.
According to Feng, the Shenhua Group has obtained four exploration areas
out of the total 12. The coal reserves could become the third "national
energy base" for China's largest domestic coal producer, which owns the
Eastern Shendong coalfield in Inner Mongolia and the Yulin coalfield in
In addition, the Shenhua Group also plans to construct a thermal power
plant with five 600-MW generation units at the coalfield, as well as a
CTL (coal-to-liquids) projects with annual production capacity of over
10 mln tons.