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18-05-13, 20:35
Bu qerinshimizni qollap qoyunglar qerindashlar ,, musabiqige qatnishiptiken , 20 chisla netijisi chiqidiken . korulush sani jiqraq bolsa netijige erishish pursiti jiqraq bolidiken . Allah asanliq bersun bu inimizgha


tepsilati :


21-05-13, 07:20
Awakening is delighted to announce that after many coordination meetings with YouTube and Google, we will now be revealing the names of the 32 finalists with comments on each in an exclusive LIVE streaming video session on Awakening's YouTube channel.

The Live streaming session will insha Allah be held on Wednesday the 22nd of May at 3pm London Time (GMT), 12pm New York Time, 5pm Cairo Time, 6pm Istanbul Time, 10pm Jakarta Time:

Voting is still open from now till the day of announcement.