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07-05-13, 10:56
Hello all,
My name is Zack and I'm a senior student at the University of Vermont. I'm currently writing my final paper for my cultural anthropology course, and my geographical area to research has been the Turpan Basin in Xinjiang, China. Very little information exists out there, about life in Turpan as it exists, today. I'm looking to connect with someone who has lived there, lives there, or has visited there for a period of time that could answer about five simple questions I have about Turpan and life there. To make this as painless as possible, I'm going to post the questions right here.

1. Were you born in Turpan, or did you move there from somewhere else. Would you say most people there have roots, or is it a town where people come and go by generation?
2. How do you feel about the rest of China? Do you even feel like your region is part of China, being so far away from the other major cities?
3. How much do you know about life outside of Turpan. Outside of Xinjiang? Outside of China? Do you care much about the world outside of China, or do those things not cross your mind, much?
4. How much are you affected on a day to day basis by the Uyghur-Han conflict which seems to be occurring in the region? Is it as big a deal, in Turpan, as the media makes it out to be?
5. Are you happy in Turpan? (This being my favourite, and I think, most important question.)

I know these are idiotic typical foreigner questions to ask, but I'm just trying to get an essence for life there--not specifics. You can also see that these were written for people currently living in Turpan--but I'm not picky. Any life experience in the region would do.
So--if you can answer these questions, know someone who can, or even could answer just one of the questions, I'd be forever grateful! You can post your answers right here and I'll be checking frequently over the next 24 hours, or you can e-mail me directly, if you'd like to talk more at length at zwarshaw (at) uvm.edu

Thank you all for reading!

07-05-13, 23:20
Only people outside of China have access to this website. I am afraid there are not many people from Turpan outside of China. I do not know any in US. That in itself probably partially answered question 5 lol