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Tarim Yilpizi
20-04-06, 14:19
Dear Nancy

Thank you very much for your understanding of my fellow Uyghurs!
Thank you so much for your voicing for Voiceless, Stateless, Helpless, and Innocent Uyghurs!
Thank you so much telling the truth to the world about persecution of innocent Uyghurs by Raciest – Fascist – Terrorist – Bloody – Devil – Communist – Han – Chinese!

Communist – Han – Chinese are NOT Human Beings and all Communist – Raciest – Han – Chinese are bloodthirsty Devils!

Uyghurs are Innocent, Uyghurs are Victim, Uyghurs are Human Beings and Uyghurs MUST live as normal Human Beings!

If Han – Chinese are Human Beings, and then Han – Chinese MUST STOP Mass arresting, Mass Torturing, Openly and Secretly Mass Killing Innocent Uyghurs!

If Han – Chinese are Human beings, and then Han – Chinese MUST LEARN what does human beings mean? And what are basic human rights?

If Han – Chinese are Human beings and then Han – Chinese must learn what does Love, Trust, Respect, Peace, Tolerance, and Care mean?

Today on occasion I found your thesis titled 'Chinese National Unity vs Uyghur Separatism' from web http://fletcher.tufts.edu/research/2005/Eranosian.pdf

Your Thesis was very good and I hope you will write more, tell more to the world about Uyghur, East Turkistan, Fascist – Terrorist – Raciest – Ruthless – Devil – Han – Chinese on illegally invaded and unlawfully occupied East Turkistan.

As an educated – free – female, You may tell the world about persecution and sufferings about innocent Uyghur Mothers and Uyghur Children. Under pretext ‘family – planning policy’ millions of Uyghur Mothers and Uyghur Children already Ruthlessly Killed Fascist – Raciest – Terrorist Han – Chinese in recent years. It is a very best topic for you (it is my thoughts).


By Nancy Eranosian