View Full Version : International seminar on Loulanlogy in Xinjiang

19-04-06, 07:43
to whom it may concern

(Mr Dolkun Kamberi and Kurban Veli ,Kahar Barat --among others)

The Research Institute of the Culture and History of the People's
Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

is organizing this seminar on Loulanlogy

if any archeolog/historian/or other academicians would like
to participate

directly by attending the seminar in Xinjiang,

or indirectly by forwarding me their thesis/or articles
to be read in their name

after the seminar selected materials will be edited into the
Corpus of the International Seminar for China Xinjiang Loulanlogy,

and a certificate granted,

and a special column will be published in the magazine
'Xinjiang Culture and History'

I will be going to Urumci late this summer,

please contact me by posting your e mail here

if you are interested.



19-04-06, 13:24
this seminar could lay the foundation of further
international cultural relations on academic levels
between the world and Xinjiang Uygur Region.

please pass the word to potential participants,