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Doing Business in America
ئامىرىكىدا تىجارەت قىلىش

Colonel Sanders : You never too old to start a business. Your grandma's receipe can make you rich.

Steve Jobs: stick to your vision, and strive hard. make it simple and easy to use.

John Willard Marriott: From lemonade stand to world class enterprise. Serving people is another way to become rich

•Simple Idea : Furniture in a box. You never too young to be a businessmen. He started at 17
•Good marketing: If you people don't know what you have, your product is worthless.

NIKE: Mozduz ( Shoemaker in Uyghur) canmake shoes too, but why NIKE become world class mozduz?
•What is special of a pair shoes?
•Unique design , create perception

What is Corporation?
•An incorporated entity is a separate legal entity that has been incorporated through a legislative or registration process established through legislation. Incorporated entities have legal rights and liabilities that are distinct from its shareholders,[1] and may conduct business for either profit-seeking business or not for profit purposes.

•ideas : simple idea can make you rich.

Register Business or Incorporation : registering and getting business license in US is easier than getting a driver license
•Hire a Lawyer
•Hire a CPA
•Do it yourself
•Online Registrar

Incorporate Online : You dont have to run from building to building.
•Legal Zoom .com

•Lawyers - $500 - $5000 . Depend on complication
•CPA , $500 - $1500
•Do it your self : $100 - $300
•Online Incorporation: $120 -$500 + Sate filing fee

TAX ID and Employee ID
•You can’t start business without tax id or Employee ID
•Register via IRS
•Very easy process

Business Plan
•What is your Product? Service? Resuturant, Fast food, Uyghur Resturant, Uyghur fast food
•How much capital do you want to invest? How big resturant your wan to open? 10 seats? 100 seats? depnd on your vision and capital
•What is your short term and long term plan?
•How do you make money? What do you want to sell? Import & Export. make your own porduct.
•What makes you different?

Marketing Plan
•Who is your customer?
•How you can find them?
•How you communicate with your customer
•Create marketing Plan

Fund your Corporation
•How to fund your Corporation
•Borrow from Bank
•Borrow from partners
•Sell shares (IPO)
•Venture capitalist

Online Business
•Online Sore
•Google (make your product searchable)

Benefit of Corporation
•Protect Your personal Property
•Tax Advantage
•Convenient B2B transaction
•Unlimited Potential

QA Session
•سۇئال ۋە جاۋاپ