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15-10-12, 07:16
An Uyghur writer Mesumjan Zulpikar has passed away in Almaty

PEN International Uyghur Centre | 14 October 2012

International PEN Uyghur Centre mourns the death of an Uyghur writer, poet, and former member of PEN Uyghur centre, Mesumjan Zulpikar who passed away on 12 October 2012 at the age of 87 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He was a great writer as well as a veteran of the short lived Republic of East Turkistan. PEN members’ thoughts are with his family and friends.

A brief biography of Mesumjan Zulpikar:

Writer, poet, dramatist Mesumjan Zulpikar was born in Chelek county of Yette Su region (in contemporary Kazakhstan) in 1925. He and his family had moved to Guldja in 1931. He enrolled as a young soldier in the army of the Republic of East Turkistan in 1945, and 1949 he became a captain in the army.

After the occupation of East Turkistan by the People's Republic of China 1949, he went into exile with his family to the Kazakhstan Republic of Soviet Union in 1955.

He began writing in 1945, and was the author of many comics, dramas, poems, stories and novels that were published in Kazakhstan in the Uyghur language. His more significant works include novels such as "Lutupulla", "Yanar tagh", "Särap' and these novels are popular among the Uyghur community in Kazakhstan. He was a member of Kazakhstan Writers’ Association and International PEN Uyghur Centre.

International PEN Uyghur Centre
14 October 2012