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09-10-12, 21:19

Art Collective Slavs and Tatars Are Taking Over New York City This Weekend

This weekend, you canít throw an iPhone in New York without hitting hipster art collective Slavs and Tatars, which follows up last nightís talk at Abrons Art Center with two more weekend events. Tonight, Never Give Up The Fruit, a show exploring the culturally discordant influences of communism and political Islam upon Uyghur culture, opens at Forever & Today (http://www.foreverandtoday.org/SLAVS_AND_TATARS.html). Tomorrow evening, the faux-anonymous collective hosts MoMAís PopRally (http://www.moma.org/poprally/) in conjunction with their current show at the museum, Projects 98: Slavs and Tatars (http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/1293). At MoMA, Slavs and Tatars will discuss Beyonsense, the transrational language and poetry reading room they created for their exhibition at the museum. They will be joined by Dr. John Perry, an expert in Middle Eastern languages and cultural history, who will discuss the origins of bird-related myths and memes from India and the Middle East and their eventual proliferation in European and American pop culture.
Through installations, performances, lectures, and publications, Slavs and Tatars explores the relationships among Slavs, Caucasians, and Central Asians. The collective is committed to exploring cultural exchange, discourse, and hybridization in Eurasia, a region they are currently representing at the Gwangju Biennial.



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