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Interview: Dolkun Isa - gold and oil from East Turkestan, the Chinese government cares
11.12.11 | NTD Television and The Epoch Times
Gold, oil and other minerals of East Turkestan are shipped to China and the use of these natural resources is completely controlled by the Chinese government.

Dolkun Isa studied physics at the University of Xinjiang. In December 1987, established the Union of Students - Science and Culture (USSC) at the University of Xinjiang. (Tomas Kvapil / NTD Television)
Dolkun Isa is Secretary General of the World Uyghur Congress and the President of the Association of East Turkistan in Europe.

He is a former student leader of the pro-democracy demonstrations at the University of Xinjiang in East Turkestan (also Uighur autonomous region of Xinjiang in China) in 1988.

In June 1988, as a representative in Urumqi USSC organized student demonstrations for democracy. He was therefore ordered to house arrest in September 1988, he was expelled from the university. After a long persecution by the Chinese authorities fled from China to Germany, where he was in 1996 granted political asylum and in 2006 the German citizenship. He obtained his Masters Degree in the field of politics and sociology at Gazi University in Turkey and a Diploma in Computer Science in Munich.

On the occasion of Human Rights Day the Václav Havel Library decided to organize, in cooperation with the People in Need and Prague's Archa Theatre International Symposium entitled Světodějná much freedom of speech. Dolkun Isa was one of the guests of the symposium and gave us a short interview.

What is the situation of human rights in China?

Situation of human rights in China is absolutely horrible and disgusting. This applies particularly in East Turkestan and Tibet, Uighur area. A year ago, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaopovi, and despite considerable international pressure the Chinese government would not let him to liberty, was arrested and his family.

Human rights situation in East Turkestan is worse than in other areas. Sometimes I say that Liu Xiaopo lucky, only 11 years in prison in China. If the Uighurs would be sentenced to death. There are many examples.

How is the Chinese regime with Uyghurs in East Turkestan?

For example, in 2009 the peaceful Uighur demonstration, to which attacked Chinese security forces that have killed many people. The Chinese government has announced that during the incident were killed only 197 people. In fact, some independent sources and eyewitnesses told us that several thousand people died. Estimated then died around 3000 people.

To this day I do about exact figures, we call upon the international community, the UN and the European Parliament to send in an independent investigative group, which would bring the report on the real situation. The Chinese government obviously does not allow investigators to enter the field.

Why Chinese government suppresses freedom of speech?

The Chinese government has always spread propaganda through state news agency Xinhua. If the government censored information, there would be a danger, which is feared that they can learn about the situation in East Turkestan learned people in the world. This is the reason why almost all closed channels of communication, telephony, internet, everything.

What is the theme nejcenzurovanější Chinese government regarding the area of ​​East Turkestan?

The Chinese government is all classified information. Everyone knows about the issue of Tibet, the situation of Chinese Democracy or Falun Gong, but the situation of the Uighurs in the world knows very few people. In recent years it has become Uighur issue in the world also much more familiar. Uighur issue for the Chinese regime is perhaps one of the most fundamental issues, it is also the subject so heavily censored. Regime does not want this turned into an international problem.

When you go for a walk around the streets of East Turkestan, what is there to see?

In the Uighur areas are installed on every street CCTV systems . You can not even walk down the street without being watching the Chinese side. Two people can not even stop in the street and have fun together, let alone discussed some political issues. It's a kind of psychological terror.

Mention as an example of a Uighur woman who was sentenced to life in prison for that written notice of the demonstration, which took place on the 5th scarlet 2009th Another example is the economic government newspaper journalist who did an interview with a journalist from Hong Kong, in which he talked about the 5th July. For this he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Can you imagine?

Why is the Chinese government so much afraid of the people in this area, why is it so hard to control and suppress?

Because East Turkestan is not part of China. China occupied East Turkestan since 1949. Therefore, the Chinese government fears that occurs to his separation from mainland China.

Why is China so much interested in East Turkestan?

Because it is one of the richest countries in the world. Its inhabitants are very poor, but the country's uranium, oil, coal ..., many sources. This is one of the main causes of the interest of the Chinese government. Therefore, developing a system such pressure on the cultural assimilation of the local population. Since 2003, at the universities of East Turkestan ceased to teach in the Uighur language. It can be used only Chinese.

Since 2003, from kindergarten to university can only speak Chinese. Uighur Uighur professor has his students teach in Chinese. It is cultural genocide.

If someone gets in Turkestan in jail, you have some news about what is happening there?

I was in local jails, but I have many friends in Germany and other countries, who spent several years in prison. I know from them that there were subjected to torture. Not only physical torture, but also psychological torture by the police.

If some Uighurs arrested, and he spent several years in prison, after release completely ruined. Some of the insane, or have many physical ailments. Without having committed any crime is inhumanly tortured to admit that they committed crimes. At the urging of the then people admit to anything. They then sign a statement because they are human beings and can not withstand the torture. Such is the situation.

Why such practices to the Chinese government resorts?

The Chinese regime wants to maintain his rule, and he wants to delay as much as possible and prevent democratization. If once China has become a democratic country, the Communist Party should no future. The government is very worried about the Arab revolutions, because of them censored all reports and arrested in recent months on the territory of East Turkestan, Tibet and China many protesters and critics of the regime.

The Chinese government just wants to keep their power and it does not matter to her whether Kill a thousand, or a few thousand people, or close to a million people in prison. The only thing she cares about is keeping power.

What and how they can help people abroad to people in East Turkestan?

Many people are unaware of the Uighur issue in China, we call upon the international community and all people who live in the free world to take some responsibility and expressed their solidarity with the Uighurs. It's not just a responsibility towards the Uighurs, but the responsibility for all human beings in democratic countries. I therefore call on all solidarity with the Uighurs, Chinese and Tibetans. The whole world should take a step towards the democratization of China.

Democratization of China is the most important question in the world. Why? Because of China's one billion lives Milon 300 people. If China democratizes, gain freedom sixth of the total world population. People will have the freedom of speech. Problem democratization of one-sixth of the world will be solved. That's why it is so important.

Thank you for the interview

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