View Full Version : Ayriplan Bulashqa Urunushqa qatnashqan yigitni korung

11-07-12, 03:26
Xitaygha shiddetlik qarshi turushni inqilap dep bilsingiz, bu betni eching, doxturxanida yatqan gumandar sizge batur -merdane korunidu.
Eger Xitaygha shiddetlik qarshi turushni sizmu terorluq dep tonusingiz, bu betni echip konglungizni biaaram qilmang, chunki u sizge alwasti korinidu.


18-07-12, 13:48
This is complete bullshit, I was in Khtan the day this incident happened..the truth was an Uyghur on the plane was discriminated by a flight attendant and out of anger he questioned the flight attendant who then went to one of the security officers on board the plane who got up and beat the uyghur who then fought back and other Uyghurs joined in and one was shot immediately on board. The security situation that day was pretty intense especially going to Kargilik, but the whole "high jacking" incident is bullshit,typical Chinese propaganda and fabrication when they kill innocent Uyghurs and they needed an excuse for the intense crackdown in the anniversary of the July 5th Revolution.

18-07-12, 18:58
bu merez xittaylagha bu 3 yash uyghur oghalliri tirik yem bolap ketidighan boldi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ALLA öz panahida saqlisun AMIN!