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25-03-06, 10:06
Source: http://www.indiana.edu/~iaunrc/jobopp.html

Uyghur-English Translators for US Government Office

U.S. government office seeks experienced Uyghur-English contract translators.

Successful candidates must be able to translate and summarize written Uyghur into good, idiomatic English. The job requires the ability to read Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic scripts of Uyghur, and to have a solid understanding of China's political system and Islam.

Candidates will work from home, must provide their own computers, and have access to and familiarity with the Internet, PDF, and e-mail.

Please send to OW_ICManagement (OW_ICManagement@rccb.osis.gov) a cover letter and resume, in English, which includes the following information:

Estimated translation capacity per day/week (number of words). Any areas of expertise, including technical fields, and area knowledge. Any additional skills (for example, audio capability, ability to translate from audio sources). Translation experience. Citizenship/permanent residence status.
Remuneration rate expected per 1,000 translated English words.

Please also contact "The Center for the Languages of the Central Asian Region (CeLCAR)" http://www.indiana.edu/%7Ecelcar/index.php for other Other Fellowship & Employment Opportunities