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05-07-12, 03:05
Zhou Yongkang, was elected in Xinjiang, 7.5 Event 3, hijackings.

***The hijackers had indeed taken place, but the implementation of the party not the Uighur jihadi fighters. Zhou Yongkang forces to play the Chinese people, to discredit the Uighur, and fight for their own political interests.
No coincidence.
****Kind Uighur again been deceived.
****That six people according to the police, the Government's arrangements to participate in the so-called exercise, then I do not know the truth of the passengers killed and marked.
****The play was very successful.
*I experience flight in Xinjiang, the Mainland, in addition to the first class, business guests, the other passengers shall not be allowed near the cab, or even first class, business class guests trying to close to the cab will be stopped.
*Economy Class guests to be close to first class, business class but also the units agree (usually only for tourists, the media want to shoot some landscape).
According to details, we can determine the safety officer on the aircraft without first react, later to come and help.
*Safety officer on the aircraft received a rigorous selection process, from the management of local public security department, so he did not know there is such hijackings, the starred clearly understand the step by step close to the cockpit will be stopped, so will be running in the past.
The very clever thing, not a foreign tourist on the plane. Also through well-planned