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05-07-12, 00:44
At mid night, May 26, 2009, thousands of Chinese workers in a toy factory in Guangdong province stormed the dorms of 800 Uyghur workers and bashed them brutally with metal tubes, batons and clubs, resulting the death of at least two Uyghurs and severely injured a few hundred. The attack continued for hours without any police intervention. Though the exact number of deaths have never been known, it has been estimated that at least 30 Uyghurs were killed and over a hundred were injured. The Chinese unloaded the video clips of the attacks with extreme discriminatory languages. The extent of the brutality of the attack beyond human capacity to comprehend.
The Chinese authorities ignored the incident and treated it as there nothing happened. The perpetrators roamed around with an inhuman pride of how brutal they were. No official information was released, nothing was done to find those murderers, no question was asked of those Uyghurs injured, and no compensation was promised!
July5, 2009, after nine days of waiting, Uyghur students organized a peaceful protest, with great care, tolerance and patience, and legitimately demanded the Chinese authorities to investigate the Guangdong incident. The Uyghurs, carried Chinese flags as not to be blamed as separatists or terrorists, and started the peaceful protest on the People’s Square in Urumqi.
Contrary to the Guangdong incident, the reaction of the government was very fast and brutal. The armed police flooded in the People's Square and tried to disperse the crowd by brutal force. The crowd insisted that they continue until the government gives them a response. The government’s response was shooting at the protestors randomly and killing and injuring many Uyghurs. Some of the protestors were angry and turned into violence - turning busses over, burning cars and trucks and attacking Han Chinese passer-byers.
The CCP brought its brutal especial forces from other provinces and detaining, torturing and murdering continued for days. Most of the victims were innocent Uyghur youths. The Chinese army allowed ordinary Han Chinese retaliate for a few days which caused death of many more Uyghurs. The RFA reported police shooting at innocent unarmed women in close ranges.
We estimated that about 10 thousand Uyghur "disappeared". Hundreds of Uyghurs if not thousands might be tortured to death in secret detentions or by armies of Chinese gangs. Now, three years on the relatives of hundreds of Uyghurs don't know if their loved ones are dead or alive after taken out from their homes by government forces. The government threatens, detains and tortured those who ask for response for their mysteriously disappeared relatives.
The government has tried to cause hatred among Hans towards Uyghurs by broadcasting one-sided stories on TV channels. The government showed same pictures that Uyghurs were rioting and attacking innocent Han Chinese again and again. The Chinese authorities, on the other hand, did not allow any independent observers to so investigation. The internet and international calls were cuff off for several months.
Over the past 60 years, Uyghurs have been severely discriminated by Chinese communist regime. The Chinese government supported the mass migration of Han Chinese in to the Uyghur homeland, which destroyed the natural environment and led to the destruction of native flora and fauna. Many species of wild life have been extinct.
The diverting of waters, extensive mining, land claiming, and 46 incidents of atomic and nuclear bomb testings have deteriorated the life of native people significantly. We estimate that Uyghurs life expectancy and quality of life become lowest in Uyghur history where as Chinese has the highest.
The cultural restrictions such as banning the Uyghur language in government offices and restricting the religious belief have severely damaged the Uyghur communities' healthy existence. The government has openly discriminated Uyghurs in government employments. The authorities have publicly advertised jobs that were reserved only for immigrant Han Chinese.
The Chinese government have spent billions of dollars to restrict the social and political activities of Uyghurs in neighbouring countries. Many Uyghurs who were repatriated by those countries were executed immediately or put into long term detention just because of their political or religious beliefs and ideas.
We Uyghurs remember the thousands of victims who were murdered by the Chinese regime during and after July 2009.