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16-05-12, 06:55
Please contact with the General Assembly insight emergency notification thermal Ms. Kadeer
A translation work smoothly, but does not accurately express, Ms. Kadeer try to speak a bit slower, a one of said heat, otherwise the interpreter can not play a role.
Response to the issues raised by the Japanese media: Japanese government have any specific requirements? Please do not expect, or propose a topic with financial assistance. The Dalai Lama is not affected by the Government of Japan. Under international law, that is not allowed.
In addition to their own minds, as the organization of exiled Uighur, request the Japanese government concerned about the Uighur exile overseas, the Japanese government is a signatory of the refugees agreement, but only a handful so far he has accepted refugees. The Government of Japan, like Europe, the United States as a positive acceptance of their entry. Japanese people love Uighur from the Silk Road, left home to flee, but can not be successfully used by other countries to accept.
Also the Japanese government to relax the Uighur, both in the country, or in other countries Uighur immigrants examination and approval procedures.

This is not only Japan's domestic law, will be accepted by the majority of Japanese people.
The weight is well known that that person was born in Inner Mongolia, although the activities in Japan, but so far not be the Japanese government to accept.

Please inform the General Assembly emergency. This is related to the major issues for the future of the Uighur.

Impossible to think that the Japanese government, as re-war with China, there is not reality.