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06-05-12, 21:09
Man bir Canadalik-Uyghur bala. Man bu hetni maktimizha yazhantim dolitimz tohurluk. Korupbakinglar.
Hey there,
I am a Canadian-Uyghur teenager. I have written this for my English class, about our country and China. Please take a look!

A Nation Hungry for Another
“It is not sufficient that I succeed - all others must fail.”
This famous quote was from a great Asian conqueror Genghis Kahn, a Mongol who occupied more land in 25 years of his life time then Romans did in four centuries. By this quote he wanted to show that taking over mass amounts of land is not enough even if he succeeds, because there is always more nations that can be taken over. You are probably asking yourself what are the advantages to conquering? Is taking over a nation really valuable over the loss of many lives? Eastern Turkistan, my motherland was occupied by the Mancho Empire of China, affecting millions of Uyghurs, just like me in many negative ways. Territorial warfare was a key role in human expansion ever since the human race began, but was it really necessary? China's illegal occupancy of my homeland and Tibet is only one example.

The Mancho Empire of China invaded Islamic Uyghur Empire on November 18th, 1884 after 8 years of bloody war. After the occupancy of Eastern Turkistan, the Mancho Empire named the land “Xinjiang” meaning“New Land” in Mandarin. When the Chinese Nationalists overthrew the Mancho Empire, Eastern Turkistan fell in the hands of the Chinese Nationalist Government. I have lived in Eastern Turkistan up until the age of 9, before immigrating to Canada. Before coming to Canada, I knew nothing about my own blood country. Because I was raised into the Chinese law,way of living and education of the mandarin language without even noticing anything but that we are a family. This had giving the elders in Eastern Turkistan a very difficult time to maintain our traditions and culture. We have no freedom of speech, which disables the elders to teach the young our history, they say we are a family working together to raise a better Asia, but they really mean let us use up all your goods and you can watch us gain more power. When I came to Canada I was educated by my parents and by our own small society of Uyghur Immigrants. Our population of 8 and half million is rapidly dropping, due to the fact that many Uyghurs are being murdered slowly. This is just one example of the Chinese Government breaking the Human Rights Treaty. Now all I think of the government is that they are as cunning as a fox, slowly destroying my motherland as if it was as vulnerable as a sand castle.

Life is a consistent battle, remembering those bitter sweet memories of our land and people. This hidden war makes me think, why did China even lay an eye to us? There are many reasons why a country might be occupied, for example; resources,political issues, or/and just to have more land. Which is why there are many more other countries like Tibet and Palestinians that are fighting the same type of war. Firstly, Eastern Turkistan is located on the silk road and having a land right on it would increase a nation's trading. Secondly, Eastern Turkistan is rich in Oil just like Alberta, Canada . More oil means more over populated Chinese people can drive with cheap oil prices, while it can also be exported to make huge profit. If our oil sands ever dry up, I personally believe China will let my country be independent just because our oil is a big asset in their profit along with their cheap labour. Lastly, when China has power over the Uyghurs, young farmer Uyghur men can be taken off to labour slavery much easier and young Uyghur women to sex slavery. It is very easy for the Chinese government to march the streets with guns and tame the Uyghurs like animals, making us look like terrorists to the international media for speaking out.

China's tremendous amount of profits from Eastern Turkistan is too precious for them to let go of. I have only spoken the basic history of my motherland and it's people. We have cried, been diplomatic and reached for international help, but all is useless because there are no benefits to getting occupied. All we can do now is speak up and keep fighting for justice of our country. The lack of respect for each country, discrimination and political hunger are just the begging to a hidden World War 3. Every human deserves their own rightful land, help stop China's domination, free Eastern Turkistan.

06-05-12, 21:39
bek yahxi yizipsiz. siyasiy sehnilerde uyghurning kimligini tonuxturuxta silerdek iktidarlik ewlatlarning oz alahidiligini jari kildurux bekmu zorur.

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vell done my brother! thanks!!!

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mening konglum heli koturlup qaldi ......isil