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12-02-12, 18:11


The Beg or Baig are said to be the descendents of Mughal soldiers, who were custodians of the treasury. They are an urban community, found in their own quarters in the cities of Anantnag, Baramulla, Badgam, Neelum valley, Muzaffarabad and borders adjoining with Hazara division Pakistan. According to some traditions, the Beg are in fact descended from Uighur of Kashgar, and many also refer to themselves as Kashgari. They remained a community distinct from other Kashmiri Muslims and were only granted state citizenship in 1939. Many are still involved in their traditional occupation of carpet weaving and embroidery. The Beg are entirely Sunni Muslim, and historically affiliated to the Barelvi sect, with many belonging to the Dastigiri Sufi order. A few of the Mughals also follow the Deobandi sect.[25] one of such clans is presently living in village Chogal of Handwara Tehsil, District Kupwara, they carry surname Khan but revenue records show that their surname is Beig/Mughal and are known by the surname Khan. They speak generally Punjabi Language, identifying themselves with Punjabi dialect.

Bu bette kursutulishiqe, uyghur pushtidin bolghan keshmirlikler bir kismi ozlirini kashgari dep atishidiken. U balining qirayidin karighanda hindistandini koqmen bolup seudigha barghan uyghur pushti bolushi mumkin.