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20-10-11, 20:36
Xinjiang Uyghur Film: "Sarang" ("Crazy")

Time: Monday, 24 October 2011, 7:30-9:30
Location: in CGIS Knafel, Room 262

In Uyghur with English subtitles With an introductory talk by Mettursun Beydulla, PhD

"Sarang" is one of the best-loved Uyghur movies, and now it is thefirst Uyghur movie to be available with English subtitles! This livelymixture of comedy and tragedy, set and filmed in China's XinjiangUyghur Autonomous Region, is based on a short story by the celebratedauthor Memtimin Hoshur. One night in the city of Ghulja, an off-beat author and his friendsget to drinking and gambling when a stranger appears with a bag fullof money. The next morning, the stranger is gone, and so is his money.One man loses a fortune; another man is mysteriously rich. Andeveryone goes a little crazy.

This film is an engrossing and touching exploration of the tensions inUyghur life by one of that community's best authors.

The Uyghurs are aTurkic Muslim people who live primarily in China's northwestern regionof Xinjiang.

Xalmurat Omer as Osman
Exmet Ablimit as Qasim
Dilshat Barat as Semet
Turghun Imir as Ghaziand Abdukerim
Abliz as Enwer

04-01-13, 12:59
Hi there,

Can someone tell me where in the north-east (of the U.S.) or online I can get a copy of this film?

I'd like to arrange a screening a my university.