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05-10-11, 17:41
"China on the website such as" global military network ", will see how in the Kun ‧ Aisha wanted file number
(40684/97; Control No.A-539/10-1997), however, the case for inquiry by the Interpol Group
Organization's website, did not display any information. "



說謊:經查,世維會秘書長Dolkun Isa並非國際刑警組織通令發布之通緝犯。熱比婭也沒

(40684/97;Control No.A-539/10-1997),然而依案號查詢上述國際刑警組

刑警組織發布,列1967年出生的Dolkun Aysa為紅色通報查捕對象,跟持德國
護照的Dolkun Isa應為同一人,外交部和移民署目前將他境管」。

也就是說,中國單方面向國際刑警組織指出Dolkun Isa為通緝要犯,但並未被
接受。然而我國從中國接獲情報,便擅自依據中國指示,將Dolkun Isa境管。


補充:瀏覽國際刑警組織網頁時,發現Ahmad Muhammad Harun和 Ali Muhammad Ali Abd
Al Rahman﹝阿姆德 穆罕默德 哈朗 與阿里 穆罕默德 阿理 阿不德 艾爾 拉曼﹞



說謊:韓國並未禁止熱比婭入境,而是不讓世維會秘書長Dolkun Isa入境。

經查,Dolkun Isa九月中訪韓,被留置三日後遣返。此時間點已是墨爾本和高雄電



今是昨非?:多里坤﹝Dolkun Isa﹞曾於2006年來台參加「無代表國家及民族組織」
子與國際認知不同。 ﹝7/23蘋果﹞

Google translation:

People do not know if I have been lying po finishing. Yes I have since deleted. If not, please give me a small gift, thank you.

1. He ﹝ ﹞ said Jiang Yi Hua, consider Kadeer is President of the World Uighur Congress, and the World Uyghur and East Turkistan terrorist organizations, the General Assembly
Are closely related, and even Interpol Secretary General of the Order is released by major figures of international terrorist organizations, it is
Highly anticipating and many countries prohibit their entry, the government decided to ban entry of Kadeer. ﹝ 9 / 25 co-﹞

Lie: The investigation, WUC General Dolkun Isa is not the Interpol wanted list issued orders. Kadeer did not
There were "many countries are highly anticipating and prohibited immigrants." But only China as a wanted criminal, and prohibited from entering

Friends said: "China on the website such as" global military network ", will see how in the Kun ‧ Aisha wanted file number
(40684/97; Control No.A-539/10-1997), however, the case for inquiry by the Interpol Group
Organization's website, did not display any information. "

Curry favor with China: Investigation, July 23, Apple Daily said: "CIB International Bureau pointed out that China in the 17th through the International
Interpol released, was born in 1967 out of Dolkun Aysa informed investigation caught red object, with the support of Germany
Passport Dolkun Isa should be the same person, the Foreign Ministry and the Immigration Department will now control his environment. "

In other words, China unilaterally to the International Criminal Police Organization that Dolkun Isa as wanted criminals, but has not been
Accepted. However, China has received intelligence from China, China will be allowed based on the instructions, will Dolkun Isa border control.
The unit is dereliction of duty, whether there are secret contacts with China, should be severely punished!


Added: Browse the Interpol website, and found that Ahmad Muhammad Harun and Ali Muhammad Ali Abd
Al Rahman ﹝ 阿姆德穆罕 Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ali Halang reason with Abu 德艾尔拉曼 ﹞
The two committed the genocide in Sudan, the international fugitive wanted by ICC International Criminal Court ﹝ ﹞, was a strong China
Escort, China not only rejected the UN resolution condemning Sudan, and that the two sides should strengthen communication and understanding.
﹝ ﹞ meaning harmony with each other it is because China has huge economic interests in Sudan, so partial to human rights violations
Sudan's best friend.


2 Wu Den-yih again stressed that the problems faced by some countries is not the same as South Korea is also prohibited entry Kadeer, and
, Our Constitution is more of East Turkistan separatists are not allowed. ﹝ 9 / 26 when ﹞

Lie: South Korea does not prohibit the entry Kadeer, but let Dolkun Isa, secretary general of the World-dimensional entry.

The investigation, Dolkun Isa-September visit to South Korea, the repatriation of detained three days later. This time is in Melbourne and Kaohsiung power
Film Festival after the incident, the Chinese side pressure is still unknown. ﹝ 9 / 26 in rating agency ﹞

Kadeer also pointed out that she refugee passport holders 28 countries have never been refused entry. Which includes: the United States, Australia, Japan,
Jie, Germany, compared with other countries, these countries are to reject China's interference in its internal affairs.

Logic error: China's Constitution also does not allow independent Mongolia, but does not allow rebel groups occupied the "mainland region." However,
The Government has allowed insurgent groups bandit chiefs Chen Yunlin entry, and regarded as a guest, according to the logic of making Wu Den-yih
Chen should be held to allow entry of gang men are officials, including former Premier Liu, the former Interior Minister Liao

Jinshizuofei? : Multi-in-kun ﹝ Dolkun Isa ﹞ was in 2006 took part in a "Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization."
(UNPO) General Assembly, the organizers, "Taiwan Foundation for Democracy," confirmed yesterday, when he holds a German passport entry
No difficulty. He has also participated in the activities to the European Union and other countries are also smooth entry, China called terrorist were clearly
Son with different international recognition. ﹝ 7 / 23 Apple ﹞