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05-03-06, 18:50
esteemed participants of this forum,

some reliable source - a historian at least -

should enlighten the Uygur people

about the cost and the quantity of human lives
the Central Asian Turks had to pay
when the Arab invaders came in the vicinity.

How many million heads were lining the path
what were the names of the Arab commanders?

It simply sticks out ,
if people without proper knowledge
come on this forum and express
foundation-less ideas !

I have nothing against the Arabs nor the Chinese
in fact nobody in general.

I learned to love the creation and the creatures
because of the creator.

Huvel Hallak ul Baki --Allah is the Creator and Everlasting.

Bil kaderi Hayrihi ve sherrihi min Allahu taala !

Everything good or bad in our fates come from Allah !

There are reasons why things look the way they are today,
are mission is to find the good things in the bad ones
and thank Allah for His intentions.

Do not forget that there were also times when Turks ruled the Chinese
and the reason they had to build the famous wall.

Who has read the historical annals of the Chinese during the Turkish rule,
have they written in favour of us.

We must learn to be Just
like Allah's attribute is ADIL

even to people we may not like.

But unfortunately there are people using bad names for our neighbours,
which paves the way for them to do the same.

This not WISE nor SMART
let us grow up and act as mature humanbeings.


05-03-06, 19:03
Dear Oghuzhan, I've begun to wonder if you are still in your right mind.
Why it matters today what price our ancestors paid when they converted from one religion to another? What matters is the Chinese are using awful means to destroy our culture and people. If you have nothing against nobody, not even the Chinese, then what are you?

How many million heads were lining the path
what were the names of the Arab commanders?

I have nothing against the Arabs nor the Chinese in fact nobody in general.

05-03-06, 19:53
there are other peaceful ways to reach our destination.

I have my own goals in life to serve my people,
and thanks to God I have been successful in my approach.

Recently the papermaker whom I found in Karakash Purchakchi yezisi
that I brought to Washington DC in 2002 for the Smithsonian Institution
was in Xinjiang TV was boasting of his conquest of the western world.

I was also instrumental of his going to Mecca !

when I found him he was crying that his children did not learn papermaking
because they were doing commerce.

When I thanked the Chinese Government for allowing me to bring the Uygur papermaker some morally depraved Uygurs named me a traitor.

In life words mean not so much as the deeds people do.

What matters to me is what the people of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region think of me ,like the Professors at the Urumchi Fine Arts Academy,Xinjiang Painters Society,Xinjiang Calligraphers Society,Xinjiang Islamic Institute,Xinjiang People's Publishing House,
Xinjiang Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,Xinjiang TV,
Xinjiang Miras Journal or other magazines...

Thanks to God I have been able to create a good name for myself,
and helped my countrymen in the ways I know and am capable of.

I have relatives living there and I want to be able to go whenever I want,

I simply do not care much about the unwise actions of Uygurs abroad,

I am setting my own example of doing things,

I am an Uygur,like my father and my mother

and I love my people and country
more than all of you put together.

Unfortunately I have not received any tangible help from any Uygur society
association in doing cultural activities abroad,
except 1 archeolog and a literature person,

may be I was fortunate that they did help,

and I do not bother to think if you are in your mind,
or what you are

because if you had any trace of it

you would not do what you are doing,
wasting our precious time.

Lastly . History of Islam in Central Asia is essential to know,
so we know where we are standing now.

Why do you think many Uygurs in Saudi Arabia changed their names
from Turkistani and Buhari into something else ?

My mother's uncle living in Mecca changed his family name from
Turkistani to something else.........

so all Uygurs are not brave enough,