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05-03-06, 14:48
We would assume this forum is good for political posters. In terms of religion matter, indeed the ancester of uyghurs had practiced several different religions. No matter how many religions were being practiced before, they are considerd themselfves as truely Muslims now. Whatever reason they have swicthed their religions too many times, they don't have to be pendulum again. So in terms of religion matter, please leave them alone. That is an opionion anyway. Other than that, someone would help you to learn their language. The uyghurs were forced to swicthed their scripts many times, that did't helped to them. Currently, they are forced to switch their language into chinese in china, if you ask one more switch from them, then that would be too much. May be you better learn chinese since they are switching their language into chinese. What we could do then, sorry, no help.

Chuck Martel
05-03-06, 15:34
Why are you unregistered?

So in terms of religion matter, please leave them alone.

I don't see that I am bothering anyone. I'm merely asking questions. This forum has a poster calling himself "Islam" who keeps saying that you can't be a Uyghur unless you adhere to Islam. I don't believe that to be true since, as you have pointed out, Uyghurs have followed all sorts of different religions -- Shamanism to Nestorianism.