View Full Version : Turkey should be more efficient player for Uyghur cause

16-09-11, 00:39
Uyghurs have blood relationship with Turks and consider themselves as part of the Turkic ethnicity. Although Turkey is one of the most influencial states in the world, particularly in Muslim world, communication between Uyghurs and Turkish state is not as broad as it should be. Uyghurs should always remember their Turkic roots when they campaign for its cause. Turkey, as it is becomming more and more influencial player in world politics, Uyghurs should do more to get help from Turkey for its cause. We should work hard to communicate our cause to Turkish government and let them come to realize that helping Uyghurs out of the Chinese operession is Turk's obligation. Turkish falgs should alwasy be carried alongside the Uyghur flag whenever there is a demonstration. Turks and Uyghurs are one hand, it is Turk's obligation to help its Uyghur brothers restore its dignity and human rights!