View Full Version : Update on Kurban Turdi

Turdi Ghoja
03-03-06, 19:31
An update is long overdue. I have been waiting for good news to share with the concerned community members. But, it has been a bumpy ride for the poor guy. He has suffered one setback after another. I hope there will be turn-around in his situation soon. Meanwhile, I want to share with you whatever is available at this point.

As I mentioned in the last update, it turned out that his sister was not a good match. Therefore, the operation did not take place as scheduled last December. The 2nd Hospital where he has been doing his regular dialysis still has not been able to find a matching donor yet. He went to the Air Force Hospital last month, because he heard that they have better resources to find a kidney. Indeed, they told him that they can find one for him, however, after some tests they found he had liquid accumulation in his lung. They advised him to get the condition treated before surgery, because it could cause complications during the operation. So, he was hospitalized for more than three weeks to get the problem treated. However, now he is running a little short on money again. They have 40g renminbi left; the Air Force Hospital charges 60g. The 2nd Hospital agreed to do it for 40g if a kidney becomes available, but they do know when and if that happens. Kurban Turdi and his family are trying to raise the remaining 20g to go with the Air Force Hospital.

I’ll keep you posted of the developments in his situation.